Interview - #PNR #Author Allie Ritch (@AllieRitch) chats about her new #Vampire #Romance

After being a frequent participant in Allie’s multi-author posts, the most recent of which was about Wintertime Redefined Texts, I was delighted when she asked to stop by my place for an interview. A happy dance followed once I discovered she’s here to promote a vampire romance. As a devout Christine Feehan fan, I suffer from vampire withdrawal between releases of the Dark series, which usually leads to a frantic search for alternatives.

Let’s find out more about Drinking Partners (which comes out … *drum roll* … tomorrow!). 

1. Hi Allie, and welcome. I’m more acquainted with your (smoking hot) science fiction works. What made you opt for a paranormal this time? What are some similarities (or differences) between the two subgenres?

Hi, Tara. Thanks for having me here! Like you, I’m a huge fan of Christine Feehan’s Dark series, as well as several other PNR series by today’s authors. When I was first getting started as a writer, though, it was Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles that got me hooked on sexy men with fangs. The first novel I ever wrote was a vampire romance. While my writing technique has come a long way since then, I’ve still held on to my love for the paranormal. For me, there are a lot of similarities between PNR and my other favorite subgenre, sci-fi romance. Both allow for superhuman powers, fantasy worlds, and plots with elements that are usually impossible in the real world.  My favorite part of both subgenres is the freedom they give my imagination. In Drinking Partners, this means I could give my heroine extra strength and speed and could create an alternate history to explain the world she lives in.

2. How cool! So what, in your opinion, makes vampires so sexy?

Ever think to yourself, “That guy is so hot, I could sink my teeth into him”? Vampires take love bites to a whole new level. They’re also powerful, attractive, and mysterious, not to mention a guy is going to pick up some serious skills in the bedroom over the centuries.

3. You had me at 'love bites,' to be honest. Okay, In your world, are vampires “out of the closet” (à la True Blood), or is their existence still a secret?

The vampires in my series are not only out of the closet; they’re in charge. Each master vampire rules his or her own territory. In my hero’s case, that’s the Mid-Atlantic United States, which happens to abut the heroine’s domain. While the humans in the area can go about their daily lives pretty much as usual during the day, the nights are a different story. Think more à la Anita Blake series as far as some of the vampires being scary. Hardly any humans dare venture out after dark, and their weaponry and transportation are restricted so that they can’t turn against the vampires or try to flee the area. There are actually some vampire-free states, which have given rise to the Human Rebellion—a group dedicated to the overthrow and extermination of all bloodsuckers. One of the main characters in Drinking Partners has an interesting relationship with the Rebels, but I won’t spoil the surprise.

4. *Sigh* I've got a weakness for powerful supernaturals, so now I’m dying to learn more about your master vampire, Lucas. Would you mind sharing a snippet to get my very active imagination going?

I’d be happy to. I’m as in love with Lucas as my heroine is, and I hope readers will fall for him, too. He’s cunning and ruthless, and Alex has to stay on her toes with him, but he’s also fiercely passionate and protects those he loves.
Here’s an excerpt:

“We need to get these bloody clothes off you and stanch your wounds until they have time to heal. Since you fed tonight, they should close up quickly, as long as you don’t move around too much.”

She jerked her head up to glare at him nose to nose. “I’m not taking my clothes off in front of you. And how do you know I fed?”

Lucas was tempted to lie, but he’d pay for it later if she learned the truth. “Zander and I followed you to the blood bar tonight. I was curious what errand you intended to run.”

“It sounds like you were stalking me.”

“Nobody stalks better than a vampire,” he teased her. “You should be glad. If I hadn’t followed you, I wouldn’t have arrived in time to rescue you.”

“You didn’t rescue me. I would have killed them all eventually.”

Her confidence acted as an aphrodisiac on him. He’d always liked and respected fierce women, and this woman in particular drew him. The blood coating her skin also excited his vampire nature, though pain had never turned him on. At the moment, the knowledge that she was hurting was the only thing that kept his cock from growing fully erect.

“I expedited, then.”

She growled low in her throat but returned a shallow nod. “Yes, you did. Thank you for that.”

“You’re welcome.” Without thought, he planted a light kiss on her forehead.

Alex didn’t jerk back like he thought she would. Instead, she gave him a look so vulnerable he tightened his hold on her out of reflex.

“Now, let’s see about getting you out of these dirty clothes and patched up.”

The vulnerable look evaporated. “No.”

“You’d rather get blood on your couch, then? Because I plan to sit down with you.”

She may have been the most unique woman he’d ever met, but she was still a woman. He knew stains drove females crazy.

5. Before I let you go, I have to ask: Will this book be the first of many vampire romances? How many are we talking? And since I’m acquainted with your other works, I can’t help but inquire over the possibility of a ménage vampire romance by Allie Ritch.

Drinking Partners is the first book in my new Vampire Territory series. As of right now, it’s looking like there will be six books in total. I just finished the rough draft of book four, so there’s still a lot of work for me to do. LOL, it’s funny that you should mention a ménage. I’m tentatively planning to have a ménage in book five, but I’ll have to see if the characters cooperate. Even if I do go with a ménage, all the books in the series will take after Drinking Partners in that they’ll be more story-driven than sex-driven. That doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of hot love scenes, but readers will also get lots of action, intrigue, and dark humor, as well.

Since Allie’s book comes out tomorrow (let me bold and repeat—Tomorrow, January 13) she’s got lots of things to do and people to see. [You have no idea how hard I resisted switching the do and see around].

Continue reading to learn more about the book and author!

Drinking Partners by Allie Ritch

Being the master vampire for the Mid-Atlantic Territory is a tough job. Between the Human Rebellion trying to kill him with poisonous suicide donors and snobby born vampires bucking his authority, Lucas Thane has his hands full. What he needs is a regular drinking partner to feed from and a bigger power block. He finds both in the form of Alexandra Gage, the master of the territory south of his.

Alex could use a little help herself, but she has no intention of letting Lucas take over. Turned into a vampire against her will, she has had enough control taken from her. She’ll never let Lucas usurp her right to rule, but will she let him steal her heart? Passion ignites between them, and it’s amazing what vampire bodies can do.

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About Allie Ritch

Allie Ritch is a multi­published author of sizzling sci­fi and paranormal romance. She has an active imagination and enjoys entertaining others through storytelling. Allie lives in her own little world in the Southeastern United States, where she spends time appreciating the ocean and sunshine.

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Author Interview – V.S. Morgan (@VSMorgan1) – Hunter’s Mark (a @DecadentPub #BeyondFairyTales #MMRomance)

It’s been a while since I spotlighted a fellow Beyond Fairytales author. Joining the ranks of Decadent Publishing’s Brother’s Grimm fangirls (which includes Sara Daniel, Eva Lefoy, Zee Monodee, and many others), V.S. Morgan adapts The Skillful Huntsman into a paranormal M/M romance. Hunter’s Mark is now making a splash at all major eBook retailers. Curious? Let’s find out more about it.

1. Okay, from one BFT author to another—what was your first reaction when you got your story assignment? Had you heard of this fairytale before then?

My first reaction was huh. I’m a huge fairytale and Grimm fan but hadn’t heard of this one prior to the assignment. Once I found and read it, I felt there was quite a bit I could work with. Now I’m glad I got a lesser known tale because I could just “run” with it the way I wanted.

2. That's an experience I can definitely relate to! So how did your hero make the leap from a huntsman in the original tale to Hunter the wolf shifter assassin in yours? Did any particular element in the Grimm story inspire this twist?

In the original tale upon completion of his huntsman training, he was given a magical rifle that never misses. Rather than making the gun magical, I made my character paranormal. Hunter was trained as a Marine assassin before he joins a secret organization as a gun-for-hire killing only the most horrible of mankind.
One of my favorite older movies is The Replacement Killers. Chow Yun-Fat’s assassin character gets an assignment he can’t morally follow through with – the assassination of a cop’s young son. Remembering that film and his character inspired me as I wrote Hunter.

3. Since you have two heroes we can discuss, let’s shift (pun intended) to Casey. Does he turn into a wolf too? How did he and Hunter meet?

Casey can also turn into a wolf but he’s different from Hunter in that he was raised around humans. He doesn’t know about shifter ways and communities. He suppresses his wolf nature by using a vegetarian diet, meditation and his dog, Priss, so he can stay safe from detection.
When Casey’s adopted mom passed away, and full of grief Casey was unable to control his wolf, shifted, and ran down a street. The image of his wolf form splashed across the Internet and he became a target. An unknown enemy tracked him down, Hunter’s organization is contracted to kill Casey.
Good thing for Casey Hunter is a very thorough and moral assassin. He doesn’t kill innocents, and he doesn’t kill shifters.

4. Now I’m really curious about the chemistry between the two. Would you mind giving us a sneak peek from when sparks first fly?

The sparks first fly when Hunter goes to check Casey out up close – he’s not fitting the mold of his usual assignments. As he approaches, the super-skilled and graceful assassin trips over Casey’s (awesome) dog, Priss.


He stepped closer to Casey’s stall but stumbled over something small and furry. The toe of one Birkenstock caught on a clump of grass as he attempted not to trample the little beast, and he ass-planted with said beast jumping onto his chest to give him a broad doggie smile.

His buddy laughed piss-your-pants-hard in his ear. Fuck a duck.

“Miss Priscilla!”

The target he’d worked so hard to observe remotely sank to the ground between his sprawled-out legs, peeling the tiny hairball off his chest and setting it on the ground.

“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

Big blue eyes fringed with long, pale lashes scanned his body while strong yet gentle hands moved over his ankles and legs, searching for an injury. Oh, a toucher. His wolf basked in the tactile attention. His breath hitched as those hands glided past his knees and skimmed his thighs.

Damn, he needed to get laid after this assignment.

“Oh, my, what a li’l sweetie. Look at those freckles! I wonder if he’s got them everywhere. I’d like to lick them,” Rex crowed in his ear.

He growled.

The other man chortled. “Possessive, much?”

He inhaled deeply, only to be slammed with the force of a Mack truck. Strawberries on a warm summer’s day and fresh-cut grass—shit, his target smelled delicious. He took another breath, and his brain reeled. He’s a wolf shifter, too? Fuck.

Casey’s brows furrowed. “Where are you hurt?”

He forced a smile. “I’m fine. No worries.”

Casey returned the smile, his wide and high beam combined with sparkling eyes. Hunter stared as warmth wrapped around him like a blanket. He had no ammo against such a happy, open expression. The guy freaking glowed.

And it only gets hotter from here as these two end up in close quarters! ;)

5. Hotter? Oh dear, how ever will I cope? Before I let you go—What project(s) are you working on right now? Is it another paranormal romance?

I’m currently working on two projects. I’m in edits for an m/f, multicultural, Western foodie romance called Sam’s Temptation for Decadent Publishing. It’s a sequel to The Gift, but can be read as a standalone. I don’t have a release date yet but I’d guess it may come out in December or January, depending on the schedule.
I’ve also plotted and started writing the sequel to Hunter’s Mark. This time the focus is on Hunter’s smartass best friend, Rex. The working title is Rex’s Mate. I’m having a great time with this story, as charmer Rex is getting the runaround from his reluctant mate, who is not a typical shifter both in terms of animal type and origin. LOL, I know that’s vague, and I hope intriguing!

Smartass best friends are kind off my weakness, I'll have you know. Okay, since book release month is crazy busy for any writer, I’ll let my guest run off.

For more information about the book and author, just scroll down. As always, comments are much appreciated.

Hunter's Mark

by V.S. Morgan

Artist Casey Smith lives a quiet life, under the radar of his enemies, until one fateful night he loses control and the astonishing image of a wolf racing down a suburban street splashes all over social media.

Hunter’s bullet never misses its target. The assassin seeks out and kills his prey with a clear conscience by following two simple rules: 1) Don’t kill innocents 2) Don’t kill shifters.

Realizing his latest assignment violates those rules, the hunter activates Princess Protocol and the assassin becomes the protector. Red hot attraction flares between the hit man and his former target. Can Hunter resist the sweet shifter in his care?

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About V.S. Morgan

V.S. Morgan has lived all over the US but calls Minnesota her home now. Her family includes her hubby, son, and a menagerie of pets.

She's been writing stories since she could hold a pencil and dreams of happily ever afters - even for two hot men - because love knows no boundaries. V.S. writes MC/IR contemporary, paranormal, and suspense m/m and m/f with heart. She plans to branch into fantasy and sci fi romance, as well.

V.S. is a GLBT ally and a lifetime contributor of The Trevor Project.

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Author Interview – Ashley Ladd ( @ashleyladd #MFRWAuthor ) – Spooky Sojourn

I’m delighted to welcome Ashley Ladd back to my blog today. She swung by a little over a month ago to talk about her ménage romance Her Men. As promised, she’s returned to give me the details on her new release, Spooky Sojourn. It’s an erotic paranormal romance. You can get it now—just in time for Halloween.  

1. Hi Ashley. It’s lovely to have you over again. You’ve got a haunted luxury hotel as your setting this time. Is it inspired by any place(s) in particular?

Sort of. About ten years ago I attended a romance writers’ conference at the French Lick Springs Resort in French Lick, Indiana. It’s haunted by its former owner Thomas Taggart and his ghost horse. He supposedly rides his horse down one of the corridors on the 13th floor. We went on a ghost hunt and had a blast—when I wasn’t spooked. It’s an old hotel where both my grandparents often vacationed and Al Capone used to lay low when things got too hot in Chicago.
I knew then I wanted to write a haunted hotel story. However, it incubated a long time—until Totally Bound put out a call for a new hotel series. This one didn’t qualify for that series because it’s paranormal, but it was accepted as a single title book.


2. A paranormal investigator is a very interesting profession. How did your hero, Harry DeVeaux, get into the business? While we’re at it, would you mind telling me what the man looks like?

Harry DeVeaux is very sexy and very sultry. If I were to choose an actor to play him in the movie, it would be Harry Connick Jr. Harry DeVeaux got into the business after he was widowed and his deceased wife Tracy haunted him. Tracy wanted Harry’s help to catch her murderer (she was a cop murdered in the line of duty) so she could pass onto the next world. After Harry helped Tracy, he opened his business to help others like her.

3.  Sexy and sultry is totally my type! So somehow, a romance convention and private blog seem to play a role in bringing these two unlikely lovers together. Could you give me a few hints as to how this comes to pass?

Shortly after Deanna starts to manage the hotel, a romance writers’ convention stays there. She decides that if her guests can write a romance she should try her hand at it. Harry’s voice had seduced her over the phone before they ever met in person and she based her hero on him. When Harry investigated her and the hotel when he accepted the job, he found her blog. This intrigued him so that when they finally met face to face, he was also having sexual fantasies about her too.


4. Now that I know for sure sparks fly between Harry and Deanna, I’d love to see it in action. Could you give me a sneak peek?


“You investigated me? You read my private musings?”

“You wrote about me? In some very intimate ways. At least, I presume it was me since you used my name.” He fixed her with a piercing gaze. “Did you?”

A pregnant pause filled the air as she veiled her eyes from his view. Finally, she smoothed her skirt against her legs and admitted, “Yes. I have very mixed feelings about you. You make me crazy the way we argue, the way you believe in ghosts, and yet I find myself thinking about you, fantasizing about you.”

Taking heart in the last part, even if he wasn’t sure he liked the first, he said with a lopsided grin, “You fantasize about me much?”

Surprising him, she sidled up to him with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes and ran the tip of her finger down his chest. “Aren’t my blogs proof? The question is— Do you fantasize about me?”

He wanted to scoop her into his arms and haul her onto that king-size bed right now, and have his wicked way. The sooner they lost every stitch of their clothing, the better. Luckily, he’d started packing protection since reading her blogs as he’d been thinking about ravishing her, not that he thought he’d ever get the chance.

“I am right now.” He lowered his head, smiled lasciviously and crooked his finger at her. “Come here, baby.”

“I can’t believe this is real,” she said huskily. Yet she started to move toward him.

She glided so seamlessly she seemed to float. When she was within touching distance, he drew her into the circle of his arms, bent his head and captured her lips. He teased her with his tongue, seeking entrance to her mouth. He rocked against her, molding her curvy body to his. She was so warm, so soft. He wanted to lose himself in her.

Against her lips, he murmured, “I’m usually the one you accuse of believing in fantasy. Are we switching places?”

“Um. Maybe. Crazy, isn’t it?”

5. *Fans face*. What were we talking about? It's a good thing there's only 1 question left. What projects are you working on right now? Should readers be expecting another release in the near future?

My work in progress is Gaycation an MMF erotic romance, also set in a hotel. Molly is an erotic male-male and BDSM romance writer who is in the closet about her writing. She doesn’t want her day job employers or her friends and family to know what she writes so she uses a pseudonym. She takes her vacation to attend a gay convention so she can get more story ideas. Then to her shock, her big boss (her director and the man she’s been fantasizing about and even based her recently released BDSM romance on) shows up at the same convention and she gets way more than she bargained for.

Alright folks—since I’ve got my own Halloween paranormal release to deal with, I’ll have to cut this interview short. For more information about the book and author, just scroll down. As always, comments are much appreciated.

Spooky Sojourn

by Ashley Ladd

Someone’s trying to kill Deanna, but is it the ghosts she doesn’t believe in, the rich socialite who might be a murderess, or someone else with a beef against The Gilroy Hotel and Resort that Deanna has just been hired to manage?  The Gilroy’s owners want the ghosts, or whoever is causing the trouble at the hotel eliminated, and they are pressuring Deanna to do the job as quickly as possible. Harry DeVeaux, paranormal investigator comes highly recommended to do the job and against Deanna’s better judgment, she hires him.

Although Deanna thinks Harry’s crazy for believing in ghosts and Harry thinks Deanna has a closed mind to the possibilities of ghosts and they highly annoy each other, sparks fly. Deanna can’t help but fantasize about Harry and inspired by a romance convention visiting her hotel, writes her fantasies in a private blog that Harry finds, hacks, and reads. Ooh la la!

Buy Links: TotallyBound


Ashley Ladd is a disabled Air Force vet that is hard of hearing but still loves language, especially the written word. She loves a sexy man, especially one with a military background and they’ll often pop up in her stories. She also loves cats and has been known to empower a cat with the gift of speech. Unfortunately he wouldn’t shut up. J She loves to plug into Pandora and sip Diet Coke while writing, usually with a cat or kid at her side.

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