#NewRelease - #EroticRomance #BoxSet - #SexytoGo, Vol 5 (including Reflected Pleasures, by Yours Truly)

It's the end of May, which means I have yet another short story for Sexy to Go. Eva Lefoy is convinced she can put out an anthology every month, and we seem to make it under the wire each time.  I'm trying my best to be a semi-regular contributor, and so far, so good. 

So, if you've read Punishing the Messenger (Sexy to Go, Vol. 1), Lip Service (Sexy to Go, Vol. 2), Water Games (Sexy to Go, Vol. 3), and Broad Daylight (Sexy to Go, Vol. 4), you'll be  familiar with Kailee Chan and Damien Walker, my heroine and hero in Sexy to Go, Vol. 5. If you skipped the earlier installments, no biggie–I made sure Reflected Pleasures stands on its own two feet. 

As the title suggests, this month's short story features some naughty times in front of a mirror.  Below is the adults-only un-redacted version of the teaser above (you have been warned). 

“Strip for me.” A dominant edge roughened his order.
“What if someone comes?” Her protest sounded weak, a token objection nullified by implied surrender.
“That’s part of the fun.” He gripped her chin. “And it wasn’t a request. Do as I say, before I tear off your new clothes.”
Her nerves jangling with fear and anticipation, she pulled the dress over her head. The crumpled fabric slid through her fingers, dropping to the floor as he captured her waist and spun her on his lap. Unable to resist the demanding pressure between her legs, she tucked her feet between the armrest and his thighs, spreading her knees wide so she straddled the hard tent along his zipper.
Catching their reflections, she froze, too enthralled to tear her gaze away from the erotic image they presented. The three mirrors showed a startling display of their entangled bodies, the combined angles providing her with an unimpeded view of the man behind her. With his shirt wrinkled and hair tousled, his lips kiss-swollen and eyes stormy, he embodied the definition of an irresistible male.

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Sexy to Go


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This May, purple is the new black! Join us for Volume 5 of Sexy to Go, the only erotic romance boxed set that matches the thermometer degree for degree and always leaves you wanting more. 


Elandra’s people are magically connected to the sea, but an act of heroism leaves her scarred and terrified of the water. Dorian is determined to overcome her fear…by offering his sexy body as bait.

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Reflected Pleasures BY TARA QUAN (ME)

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