Attorney Jack Frost never understood why holidays did weird things to people. His secretary went on vacation, his best friend ditched their annual Aspen trip, and the law firm’s stubborn human resources assistant refuses his clerical support request. What’s a warlock to do on Christmas Eve but go on a 1-Night Stand? But when an oddly familiar empath shows up as his date, this ice mage has a hard time denying the magic of the winter solstice.

Faced with an anemic employment market and financial woes, college graduate and former witch Mina Mao lands an HR assistant job at Frost and Sons. Having spent her day saving Christmas from Frost Junior’s Grinch-like behavior, she accepts the gift of Madame Eve’s service and heads over to the Castillo Capital. When her date turns out to be her childhood crush and workplace nemesis, she braces herself for the sexiest icy ride of her life. 

Content Notes: Explicit Sex


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"Seriously, FROSTY RELATIONS is a fun Christmas read [...], with just enough humor and sex to keep you reading." - Tangled Hearts and Boxer Briefs

" [G]rab a cup of cocoa and whoever or whatever you prefer to help warm you in other ways and prepare to be delighted." - Random Book Musings

"[T]his wickedly perfect short was a satisfying way to curl up in bed on a weeknight."  - Boom Baby Reviews

"I found the writing and pace ultimately perfect." - Natural Bri

"This woman knows how to build the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary definition of anticipation. Have mercy, honey, you are good." - I Am MoLaShae

"I rate this book 4.5 stars and recommend two thumbs up!" - Ogitchida Book Blog

 "[...] a sexy hot icy read." - Lynn's Love of Books

"[...] it’s amazing how steamy things can get, even in glacial temperatures." - Deborah Jay

"I loved the chemistry between the characters - it leaps off the pages." - Yah Gotta Read This

"This is a quick but hot read, set in a glacial environment, with a male main character who comes across as a real piece of work but is actually a nice guy" - Archaeolibrarian

"All in all very good novella, even better than the first." - Paging Through The Days

"I recommend this book for anyone looking for a quick read." - Romance Novels in Color

"Quan's solid writing really kept this story alive." DJ's Book Corner

"[...] all I wanted was for them to hookup right away" - Sultry Steamy Reading

"a quick but hot read, set in a glacial environment" - Archaeolibrarian

"magic + hawt nook nook = winning!" - Danielle's Domain


“So the guy seriously had a boner? That’s so messed up.”

Mina rolled her eyes at their joint reflection. “I know, right? And since I’m an empath, I could sense him getting, you know, all hot and bothered. Whoever he was fantasizing about, she turned him on big time. I don’t know how he could think about sex when he’s on the verge of exploding from too much unused magic. ”

Sweets snorted. “Men—warlocks or human—they care about one thing.” She picked up a handful of Mina’s hair. “Ready?”

Mina swallowed. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

Using the scissors, Sweets pointed at the set of combs and razors peeking out from a battered leather sleeve. “Can’t you feel the mojo rolling off my grandmother’s enchanted tools? These babies are idiot proof.”

Since not even her cousin could squeeze her in after 3:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, Mina’s options had been limited enough to make her take a gamble. “But you have done this before?”

Patting her shoulder, Sweets bent at the waist and squinted one eye. “I cut Shelley’s hair all the time. She hates leaving the house, remember? Okay, yours is too long. You need to stand so I don’t get a backache.”

This idea seemed worse by the minute. Rising to her feet, Mina made a pinching motion with her index finger and thumb. “All I need is for you to take off the ends—nothing fancy.”

Her friend’s mock salute didn’t bolster Mina’s confidence. “Your hair is safe with me. Your head is another story.”

Mina closed her eyes. “Very funny. Do it already, will you? The anticipation is killing me.”

She heard a snip, followed by “Oh, wow.”

Her lids snapped up. “What do you mean, ‘Oh, wow’?”

She saw the answer for herself. Scissors and razors slashed around unguided in the air, slicing off huge chunks of her tresses in the process. Her friend stood several steps away, staring at the spectacle as if seeing the phenomenon for the first time. Since moving risked impact with pointy magical objects, Mina glared at the culprit’s reflection in the mirror. “I thought you said you’d done this before.”

Sweets’s expression lacked any hint of guilt. “Okay, I lied. Shelley’s grandmother is the actual owner of these puppies, and she always uses them on herself in the bathroom. Since her hair turns out fine, I figured they’d work on you, too.”

Her hands fisting, Mina hissed, “How do you turn the darn things off?”