Author Interview & #Giveaway – Constance Bretes ( @conniebretes ) – Love Songs, a #Contemporary #Romance


I’m delighted to welcome contemporary romance author Constance Bretes here today. She’s got a soft spot for second chance love stories, and her new release, Love Songs, features an imperiled singer who is reunited with her hometown beau. Let’s find out more about it!


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1. Hi Connie, and welcome! How did the idea for this story first come to you? Why did you choose to make your main characters musicians?

Thanks Tara, for having me here today. There are several women who are great pop singers that I admire and enjoy listening to, one in particular is Stevie Nicks.  Occasionally you hear about celebrity stalkers, and I started putting the two ideas together and came up with this story. I wanted to portray musicians as also down to earth humans without all the hype and gossip.

2. It seems Jennifer and Jake have always loved each other. What factors contributed to their relationship not working out the first time?

Jennifer got a recording contract that did not include Jake and his band. He let her go so she could spread her wings and become famous. Jake also came from a broken family background, and he did not think he could be a husband and a father, and Jennifer wanted that in their relationship.

3. What brings Jennifer back to her hometown? Once there, how does she end up spending time with Jake again?

The stalker business sent Jennifer out of the country for a couple of years. She came back to Jarillo because she was not sure what she was going to do. Her parents had left their estates to her, and she had to deal with that, and she didn’t know if the stalker had lost interest in her or not. Anna, who is Jake’s sister, and an old friend of Jennifer, had been singing in Jake’s band, but she was pregnant and due in 3 weeks, she got Jennifer to fill in for her.

4. Now I’m really curious about the chemistry between these two. Would you mind giving us a sneak peek from when sparks first fly?

Sure! Here it is. 


Once Jennifer Summers finished unpacking in her room at the Black Bear Inn she decided she needed a cup of coffee, so she left the inn and drove down to the Jarillo Café on the other side of town. She entered the café and looked around, noticing that not much had changed in the five years she’d been gone. It was still furnished with old wooden tables and chairs, with a barstool-countertop area, and antique kitchen items covered the back wall.

Jennifer sat down at a table by herself. As she put her sunglasses in her purse, a voice from behind called out, startling her.

“Hello, Jenn.”

She knew that voice. Jennifer turned around and watched Jake Ackerson approached

Her table. She forced a smile. “Oh, Jake. Um, hi.”

“What brings you back to Jarillo?” he asked.

Jennifer’s heart was doing flip-flops and she could hear it go thump, thumpity, thump as she stared up at him. He’s still as handsome as ever. His hair was as long as hers and you could make out his Apache ancestry. “I’m in town for a little while to decide what to do with my parents’ ranch. How are you?”

“I’m fine. I didn’t think you’d come back here to deal with things like that. You could just hire a realtor or something. It’s not like you don’t have any money,” Jake said in a subdued tone.

“I still have to go through the stuff in the house and decide what to do with it all.” And I wanted to find out about you.

“Well, good luck with the house. Nice to see you again.” Jake turned and walked away.

That was abrupt. She knew she would run into Jake at some point, but she hadn’t expected it to happen as soon as she arrived.

She glanced around to see where Jake was sitting in the restaurant. She spotted him in a corner with a redheaded woman. The sight of the two of them together, the woman clinging to Jake’s arm, left Jennifer feeling unsettled. She had assumed he would be involved with someone else, but she didn’t anticipate it bothering her so much.

5. Before I let you go—what projects are you working on right now? Is it another second chance romance?

I got several things I’m working on. I have a spin off story from Love Songs called Jarillo Sunset, which involves a romance between the bass player of Jake’s band and a real estate agent. This book will be release in March, 2015

I have another book I’m working on called Book of Love, about a librarian who comes to a small town to start over, and meets up with the town’s mechanic, who’s trying to keep her car running for her. This book will be release in December, 2014.

And, I’m working on a romance story right now called Blue as Sapphires. It is about a woman who returns to her hometown. She is destitute and alone. She meets up with the Sheriff, who is none other than the man she had a crushed on when she was a teenager in junior and high school.

Since book release month is crazy busy for any writer, I’ll let Connie run off. For more information about the book and author, just scroll down. As always, comments are much appreciated.

Love Songs

by Constance Bretes

Separated by fame, reunited through music.

When Jennifer Summers returns to the U.S. after spending two years in Africa, she has some decisions to make. Should she resume her singing career or continue to live a secluded life out of the spotlight in the hopes that her stalker won’t be able to locate her?

Years ago Jake Ackerson let Jennifer go so she could pursue her dreams. When she suddenly returns to their hometown he’s determined to rekindle his relationship with the woman he never stopped loving.

Jake’s band is temporarily without a singer, and Jennifer agrees to take the position, but in doing so she is once again pushed into the limelight, and she knows it’s only a matter of time before danger strikes.

Will Jake be able to protect her, and can he convince her to put past hurts aside and give their relationship another shot?

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About Constance Bretes 

Constance Bretes is an author of contemporary romance and suspense. Her romance books are often set in different parts of the country, but her favorite site is Montana. She's married to her best friend and resides in Michigan with him and a houseful of cats. When she's not at her regular 8-to-5 job, she can be found writing, researching, and spending time with her husband.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | Google+

Author Interview – Ashley Ladd ( @ashleyladd #MFRWAuthor ) – Her Men

I’m delighted to welcome fellow MFRW author Ashley Ladd here today. She’s got a brand new MFM ménage romance out, and I’m excited to learn more about Her Men (pun intended). Here comes Ashley!

1. Hi Ashley, and welcome. You’ve come up with a very interesting pretext for all your characters being in the same place at the same time. Can you tell me how the idea for a college marching band reunion first came to you?

I recently got an invitation to a school reunion which made me wonder what if. I couldn’t afford to attend and I don’t know who did, but it sparked this story idea for a class reunion. As per the marching band, I twirled flags in my high school marching band and also when I was in military tech school.

2. If Julie, Timmy, and James were interested in one another in their university days, why did it take twenty years before someone acted on the attraction?

When Timmy left Julie for his old girlfriend, she was devastated. She liked James but he had a steady girlfriend so they remained friends. They graduated college, moved on, and married other people. Their lives went on. But now they’re all single and in the same place again. Hopefully life will give them a second chance.

3. Since it’s rare for me to get a ménage writer on my blog, I’ll take the opportunity to ask for a clarification of terms. What’s the difference between a M(ale)-F(emale)-M(ale) and M(ale)-M(ale)-F(emale)? Do you prefer to write one over the other?

I’m so glad you asked because I didn’t always understand the distinction either. The placement of the character (M(ale) vs. F(emale)) is very important. It tripped me up in the beginning.
MM is male-male. MF is male-female. MMF means that the males are involved in a gay relationship first and the female joins the sexual relationship after the fact. MFM means that both of the males are heterosexual and only have sex with the female but not with each other. MMM means that there are three gay males in a sexual relationship.
The first time I wrote an MMF was for Ellora’s Cave. When I signed up to write it, I thought I was signing up for an MFM, not realizing that the placement of the letters was important. I thought one lucky female was going to have sex with two straight males at once. But I was wrong and already contracted so I wrote the MMF. It was my bestseller ever and so I started writing more MM, MMF, and MMM romanticas.

4. Wow, talk about a fortunate sequence of events. I did mention I wanted to learn more about your men, didn’t I? Would you mind sharing a snippet from when sparks first fly between your heroine and her two heroes?

Here’s a snippet from Her Men. Timmy and James both want Julie’s attention and neither are happy that the other is there. Julie’s nervous too, and thus took a Benadryl, forgot, and then had a couple drinks so she’s not doing too well.


“I’m so hungry—for you.” Tim twisted her hair in his fingers and pressed his lips to her forehead. “And I’m so hot, if you know what I mean.”

“Me too.” She was glad for her buzz, for the courage it provided. She longed to kiss him, wondered why he hadn’t kissed her yet.

“Let’s ditch dinner and…”

A shadow fell between them and James grabbed her away from Tim. “I’m breaking in. You’ve monopolized her all night.”

“But you don’t dance. You don’t like disco,” she blurted, surprised but thrilled.

“I do now. If it’s the only way I get my turn to see you, I’ll dance all night. I’m tired of waiting for you at the table.” James tugged her into his arms, ignoring Tim’s deathly glare.

“One dance, then I’m coming back.” Tim stalked away and grabbed a drink, which he downed in one gulp.

5. Before I let you go—what project(s) are you working on right now? Should readers be expecting another release in the near future?

I’m working on “Gaycation” which is an MMF about an erotic male-male BDSM romance writer who attends a gay convention to get more ideas for her stories. She winds up getting way more than she bargained for.
Before “Gaycation” can possibly come out (I’m thinking positively), Spooky Sojourn will release October 24, 2014 and Pretend Lover will release March 2015. Both of these are MFs. Spooky Sojourn is a ghostly paranormal romance in keeping with Halloween. Pretend Lover is a comedy light BDSM spanking romance.

I’m a huge PNR fan, so I’ll definitely need to have you back when Spooky Sojourn comes out!

For more information about the book and author, just scroll down. As always, comments are much appreciated.

Her Men

by Ashley Ladd

Forty-four year old Julie Weston has loved Timmy and James since her college days twenty something years ago. She's fantasized about both all these long years, never able to choose between them.

Hoping Tim and James will attend, she attends their college marching band reunion. When both men show up her dreams are answered. They're sexier than she imagined and she hopes they won't be disappointed by her older self.

It turns out both men came just to see her again and neither is happy about the other’s presence. They fight over her, confusing her more than ever. It takes a hot ménage…or two…for her heart to decide which one she’s in love with.

Buy Link: TotallyBound

About Ashley Ladd

Ashley Ladd is a disabled Air Force vet that is hard of hearing but still loves language, especially the written word. She loves a sexy man, especially one with a military background and they’ll often pop up in her stories. She also loves cats and has been known to empower a cat with the gift of speech. Unfortunately he wouldn’t shut up. J She loves to plug into Pandora and sip Diet Coke while writing, usually with a cat or kid at her side.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | Shelfari | Amazon

Author Interview & #Giveaway – Suzy Knight ( @SuzyKnightBooks )

I’m delighted to welcome Suzy to my blog. I’m better acquainted with her slightly naughtier alter ego, but today we’ll let her fantasy romance author side come out to play.  She’s got a brand new release with Taliesin Publishing, and I’m excited to learn more.

Let’s get the details on Rules of Ascension.


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1. Hi Suzy, and welcome. It’s great to officially meet. I’m a huge fan of both fantasy and romance, so I think we’re going to get along. Can you tell me a bit about the world you’ve created in the Estoria Chronicles? Is it inspired by any particular time period or place?

Hi Tara! Thanks so much for hosting me today, I really appreciate it ;)
This world has a hint of medieval England to it, but that’s mostly seen in the style of clothes that the characters wear. I wanted a world full of honour and damsels, a world where women would be treated very differently than they are today.

2. There’s a ton of information about Lady Elsabeth in your blurb, but I’m more curious about Prince Frederick. What’s he like? Is he as tall, dark, and handsome as your cover suggests?

Very much so! He has a well cultivated reputation as a rake, he goes out drinking with his best friend Sir Martin and always has the prettiest girls fighting to be on his arm. He likes the freedom that his reputation affords him, but he is not impressed by women who think they can change or “save” him, he is quite cynical about women in fact.

3. What circumstances brings Lady Elsabeth and Prince Frederick together? A birdy told me a big event is coming up.

Lady Elsabeth’s sister is engaged to Prince Frederick’s brother, she comes to the castle a year before the wedding date to help plan and prepare. She drags Lady Elsabeth along in hopes of catching a respectable husband for her, one that will be able to reign in the oddities of Elsabeth’s wild child nature. Those of you who have read Love and War will know a little about Prince Frederick already as that story follows his daughters.

4. I’m really curious about the chemistry between your Lady and her Prince. Would you mind giving us a sneak peek from when sparks first fly? (feel free to change this question around to fit a short snippet).

When they first meet Elsabeth knocks Prince Frederick off his feet— quite literally. Later her innocence and her sweet ignorance of his flirting make her quite a mystery to the prince.


Frederick held out a hand as the young woman’s gaze met his. He felt his breath catch as he looked into the biggest blue eyes he’d ever seen. They were so innocent and full of wonder. He wondered how long before the lies and rumours she was sure to find here at court stripped her of that innocence. She gripped his hand tightly, leaning on him as she eased herself out of the carriage. Unable to see her feet past the too-long skirt, she missed the step and fell from the carriage. Frederick caught her, but her flailing arm caught him in the jaw.

The next thing Frederick knew, he was lying on his back in the dust at Alicia’s feet, thoroughly winded with the young woman sprawled across him. He could hear Sir Martin’s muffled laughter even as the shocked gasps of Lady Alicia caused the young woman to scramble upright. She managed to punch him in the stomach and step on his leg, but eventually she was able to stand. She muttered an apology and began to brush the dirt from her dress. Wincing, Frederick pushed himself upright and brushed the dust from his own attire. Martin was at his side instantly, clapping on his back with more force than was necessary to dislodge the dust.

5. Before I let you go—what projects are you working on right now? Is there another Estoria Chronicles book in the pipeline?

At the moment I’m working on a few projects. My alter ego Suzanna has a book that’s going through editing at the moment, and I have another couple in the wings patiently waiting their turn. I do hope to write another in this series but the inspiration is being rather fickle on that front so I’m focusing on other projects for the moment.

Since book release month is crazy busy for any writer, I’ll let Suzy run off. For more information about the book and author, just scroll down. As always, comments are much appreciated.

Rules Of Ascension

by Suzy Knight

As a child, Lady Elsabeth Durnfir dreamed of marrying a prince, but after seeing her elder sister’s personality make a complete 180 degree turn after her engagement to Crown Prince Henry of Estoria is announced, Elsabeth has traded in her childish hopes of a fairytale wedding for the equally unlikely hope of inheriting Durnfir Manor and the surrounding land.

Life at court is not something she is interested in, or good at, but in order to help prepare for her sister Alicia’s wedding, Elsabeth must live at court for an entire year. As well as trying to fit in at court while living up to her sister’s reputation, Elsabeth has a secret to keep. But, court is full of secrets that are all about to come to light.

How will Elsabeth survive court without destroying her family’s reputation—and how can she get Prince Frederick, the renowned rake, to stop teasing her?

Buy Links: GoodReads | Amazon 

About Suzy Knight 

Suzy Knight is an average English girl, who after completing a degree in boring business management decided to travel halfway around the world to the land of kpop and kimchi to be a teacher.

Whilst in Korea, Suzy rediscovered her passion for writing and managed to write the novel Love and War in between working at her academy and volunteering with animal rescue. Two years later and she’s back in England with her rescued Korean puppy, Panda.

Now she is working on her next novels, while training Panda to be less nervous.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | GoodReads