Edits are Done!

My forced relationship with MS Word is over for now.  (Content) Edits are done and a clean copy has been sent over to ... not sure, continue the process, I guess.  Admittedly, my day-job has been clocking in quite a bit of overtime these past few weeks, so I haven't had the spare energy to do much more than send back edits and doodle on my WIP.  I'm hoping this coming Veteran's Day weekend will let me catch up on things (like carefully reading through the acceptance packet). By the way, I had a lovely editor who taught me a great deal about concision and flow.  The only down-side to this step being over is that I'm going to really miss working with her.  I've actually done a read through of my WIP with her edits in mind and made copious changes.  It reads better already!

I have to say, the whole ePublishing process (at least as pertains to Liquid Silver Books) is very much a whirlwind experience.  Below is my personal timeline, in case people are curious.

Submission Date - October 14

Acceptance Email - October 21 (cue victory dance)

Contract & Acceptance Packet Received/Signed - October 23 (cue victory dance 2)

Feedback from Readers Received - October 24 (lots of rapid blinks followed by "huh, that problem never occured to me")

Editor Assigned - October 27

Editor Sends First Round of Edits - October 30 (prompting a "wow, you work fast email")

I Send Back Edits - November 4 (it's sad when accepting changes takes longer than editing - my excuse is that my day-job required planning two massive Halloween parties, one of which ended at 1:30 AM, and my bi-weekly newsletter was due)

Editor Sends Back Second Round of Edits - November 6 (did I already mention she works fast?)

I Send Back Accepted Changes  - November 8 (I still marvel at the frequency with which I use the word "that" unnecessarily)

Clean Copy Approved by Both and Sent to Publisher - November 9 (i.e. 30 min ago - btw, I'm in a different time zone from the US)

The novella (I will eventually get more specific - first time author jitters is making me knock on wood each time I mention being published at all) ... where was I?  Oh, the novella isn't due to come out until mid-Jan, so I'm guessing there is lots more to do.


Tara Quan

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