Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday No. 33 (#sffsat) - Rescued from a Trunked Manuscript - #Scifi #Fantasy #Romance

Here's the next snippet from my nameless trunked manuscript. My first attempt at a full-length novel, it was written when vampires were still in vogue (though these vampires have pseudo-scientific origins). The prospect of revising the whole thing is too daunting, but let's see if I can salvage it one tiny bit at a time. (Disclaimer: My writing has significantly improved over the years.) For last week's post (as well as all the ones from Warlock's Pawn and Tower in the Woods), click here. In the previous snippet, my hero's sister (Nell) had just told him my heroine (Cora) is perfect for an as yet undisclosed position.  

[Hades] crossed his arms and scrutinized the human’s pouting lips and elfin chin. He had never seen her before, but she was familiar in a way words failed to describe. “Then why did the Order of Acolytes let her go? Vampire detection experts with her track record are hard to come by.”

Nell snorted. “They’re impossible to come by. She has a zero percent false positive rate.”

Feeling an inexplicable need to keep this mortal as far from the portended conflict as possible, he shrugged. “Find someone else.”

Twitter: #sffsat
Twitter: #sffsat

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