Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday No. 37 - Rescued from a Trunked Manuscript

Here's the next snippet from my nameless trunked manuscript. I'll keep sharing it for quite a while since my sci-fi (post-apocalyptic) romance isn't scheduled to come out until late February.  For all past SFFSAT posts, click here. In the previous snippet, we witnessed Hades express some specie-ism with respect to a prospective employee. 

Nell made a show of glancing down at her slim platinum wristwatch. “You don’t have a choice—we have an infestation problem. The Order of Acolytes’ raison d’être is to kill undead, and their leadership is a veritable snakes’ den. And yet, that fragile human survived their employ for close to a decade.”

Forced to concede her point, he searched for another way out. “It says in her file this woman was fired.”

His sister gave him a disgusted look. “You know as well as anyone the Order’s idea of termination involves homicide. I don’t know how the girl did it, but she managed to get enough leverage to make them leave her alone. That feat, at the very least, should earn her an interview.”

Twitter: #sffsat

Twitter: #sffsat

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