Author Interview – Elle Rush (Drama Queen Edition)

A few months ago, I interviewed my Liquid Silver pub-buddy about her contemporary romance Screen Idol. She’s back today to talk up the second book in her Hollywood to Olympus series, Drama Queen. Loosely inspired by Greek mythology, it’s a romantic comedy with a heroine who shares my actual nickname (with the same spelling to boot!). Let’s find out more about it. 

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1. Hi Elle, and welcome back to my blog. For fans of the first book—what elements tie the various stories in your series together? Do the main characters all work at the same place?

Thanks, Tara. Drama Queen is the second story in my Hollywood to Olympus series. The series is set in Los Angeles, and at least one of the main characters is always an actor or actress on the fictional hit show Olympus. This time, my  heroine – Layla Andrews – is an actress and my hero – Russ Vukovick - isn’t an actor but he works on set as a fight coordinator.

2. What character does your heroine Layla Andrews play on television? Is this role similar to how she acts in person?

Layla plays “Hera,” who is Zeus’s wife and the queen of the Greek gods. Hera is not  popular among the Mount Olympus set, but she doesn’t care – she wants power, not BFFs - and she is constantly defending herself and her position from attacks.  Layla is also unpopular on set. She hasn’t made any friends over the last couple years since she’s spent all her time protecting a secret. When we start Drama Queen, Layla is finally able to come out of her shell but allies are harder to make than enemies.

3. By the way, I'm so glad you didn't go with the more ubiquitous spelling–Leila. And if my husband were to be believed, my Greek mythology equivalent would probably be Hera as well. Back to the story though... Since Russ, the hero, works as the show’s fight coordinator, he and Layla must have known each other for quite a while. Have they always been attracted to each other, or does something happen to change the nature of their relationship?

Russ and Layla have always been attracted to each other but neither of them has acted on it until now. Layla’s ice queen persona has kept people at arms’ length. As soon as Russ gets an inkling that she’s open to him getting closer, he makes his move!

4. Now I’m really curious about the chemistry between the two. Would you mind sharing a snippet from when sparks fly between Layla and Russ?

“So, if you’ve forgiven me, I thought you might kiss me again.” He looked up at her, not far up because even standing when he was sitting there wasn’t much of a difference, and let loose a slow, sexy smile that made her feel like she was bursting into flames all over.
“What?” she squeaked.
Russ patted the cushion beside him. “It wasn’t really fair, you know. A sneak attack like that. I wasn’t ready to respond. I can do a hell of a lot better. I’m sorry, Layla. Can we try to redo the ending to last Friday? I didn’t even get a good night kiss.” When she didn’t move, he did. He stood up and hovered over her. “I’d really like a good night kiss, Layla.”
He leaned over in slow motion and Layla watched as his lips got closer. The second they touched hers, though, she closed her eyes and lost herself in the kiss. Russ knew what he was doing. God, did he know.

5. Before I let you go—what project(s) are you working on right now? Will there be a third book in the series?

A third and, hopefully, a fourth. I’m currently about half done book 3, which will be Nick (Ares) and Ashleigh’s (a friend of Sydney’s, from Screen Idol) story. I also have a short Hollywood to Olympus story coming out on August 5th in a literacy fundraiser anthology called “Love Is”, featuring Benny Duarte, the show’s photographer.

Sounds like you're a busy lady! Since book release month is jam packed for any writer, I’ll let you run off. Happy Book Birthday!

For more information about the book and author, just scroll down. As always, comments are much appreciated.

Drama Queen (Hollywood to Olympus Book 2)
by Elle Rush

Layla Andrews isn’t really a bitch – she just plays one on television. For the last eighteen months, she’s acted like one in real life too while she was forced to serve probation for something she didn’t do. Now the Queen of Olympus has done her time and she’s ready to start living again … but she’s forgotten how.

Russ Vukovick, the show’s fight coordinator, had been attracted to Layla since the first time he saw her. Recently he’s caught glimpses of a new side of her – one that makes her irresistible. But as he gets closer to her, he also sees more of what she hides beneath the mask she wears.

As Layla and Russ try to navigate their new relationship, families, danger, and secrets work against them at every turn. Can the find a true happily-ever-after when they are surrounded by lies?

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About Elle Rush

Elle Rush is a Canadian romance author from Winnipeg, Manitoba. When she’s not travelling, she’s hard at work writing her contemporary romance eBooks which are set all over the world. Elle earned a degree in Spanish and French, barely passed German, and is starting to learn Italian and Filipino. She has flunked poetry in every language she’s ever taken. She also has mild addictions to tea, cookbooks and the sci-fi channel. Keep up with Elle by signing up for her free newsletter at

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