Holiday #eBook Bonanza - Get Your #Romance on for 40%+ Off! - #PNR offerings include my #Xmas #1NS

I'll keep this short and sweet since I've already posted about the book I have on sale. December 12 to 14, twenty-two authors of Young Adult, Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, and Paranormal & Sci-Fi have teamed up to offer you awesome books for at least 40% off their regular price. There's a Facebook Event tomorrow to celebrate our joint effort.

Since my own offering is a paranormal romance, I decided to feature a handful of the participating books in the same genre. Check them out below, and find the full list here!


Tara Quan

Globetrotter, lover of languages, and romance author, Tara Quan has an addiction for crafting tales with a pinch of spice and a smidgen of kink. Inspired by her travels, she enjoys tossing her kick-ass heroines and alpha males into exotic contemporary locales, fantasy worlds, and post-apocalyptic futures. Visit Tara at