#WriteTip - Commit 1 Hour by @KaLynCooperbook (spotlighting her #Military #Contemporary #Romance Conquered in Cancun)

Having just started a new nob, I've fallen a bit behind on the blogging front. Luckily, I have enough author friends from whom I can request writing tips. Here's a quick and dirty one from Kalyn Cooper

Commit to write for one hour, sit yourself down and start the first sentence by typing one word: The.

~ KaLyn Cooper

Conquered in Cancun

by KaLyn Cooper

After a deployment romance ends disastrously, Lieutenant Commander Caroline Hodges vows never to trust another man. Joining her roommates for some fun in the Cancun sun, she runs into Luke Thorstad, the lover who dumped her in Navy flight school. Could her luck get any worse?  But the more time she spends with Luke the more old feelings resurface. A fling could be just what she needs to ease her heartache. 

Luke Thorstad had been thrown into the limelight, and the arms of dozens of willing women, in flight school when he’d become an unintentional hero. His biggest regret, ever, was leaving Caroline Hodges in the shadows. Finding her in a Cancun night club was his chance at redemption, and maybe the future they’d been denied years ago. But he’ll have to break down the walls she’s built around her heart.


Luke stood on the dance floor and watched Caroline’s short, black hair blend into the crowd. The white dress clung to her feminine curves and made him want to kiss every inch of her light brown skin as he peeled it off her. It wouldn’t take long either. There wasn’t much to the sparkling sheath. Her stiffly straight back was naked except for a small piece at the neck and another around her slight waist. Then there was that barely covered, oh-so-fine ass of hers.

Six years ago she’d never have worn such a revealing dress. Tonight, she rocked it.

And his world.

To think he’d almost turned down the invitation to join the BACats crew tonight. They were regulars at Mayan Nites because it was owned by his friend and Jack’s cousin, Kukulcan. When Luke hadn’t found the guys at their reserved table in the back corner, he’d scanned the dance floor. They hung together like a pack on the prowl until they found their prey. Tonight, though, he’d instantly recognized the women first and then seen their dancing partners.

Suddenly, he’d felt her presence. His whole body had honed in on Caroline across the club jammed with hundreds of gyrating people. She’d been staring at her green-tinged drink all alone, projecting an invisible wall of don’t-even-think-about-approaching-me, fenced into a prison of her own making. But that’s not what she really wanted. He knew her better. She wanted to belong, to fit in. She just didn’t know how.

Growing up on military bases, surrounded by thousands of horny guys who were in their prime in every way imaginable, she’d learned to emanate an air that warned them off. It was now second nature for her. 

He’d smashed through that fortress before, and he’d do it again to get to her. Caroline was worth it.

Luke wove his way through the bodies bobbing to the faster beat of the new song, ignoring the smiles and come-hither looks from several of the women, and even a few men.

He had just assigned himself a mission—break through Caroline’s defenses. Again.

Finding her at the club tonight had been a long-time wish come true. Years ago they’d started something that was nice. Special. He’d been able to easily talk to her, and she had listened. They’d been good friends. Eventually, they’d taken it to the intimate level, with clearly defined parameters. The pressures of flight school had been severe, and they had both been driven to not just succeed but excel. The sex helped a lot to release that anxiety. She had been as attentive in bed as out. It had been the best sex he’d ever had.

Then that fucking bird had hit his plane.

His world had suddenly been filled with gorgeous women who previously wouldn’t give him a second glance. He’d been laid every night after that by beauties who wanted to please him, and they’d gotten very creative.

He’d had a lot of women since those early days in flight school. But none ever compared to Caroline and what they’d shared. Ever.

And, hot damn, their attraction was still there. He’d sensed it the moment he’d drawn her into his arms. Her shiver had shaken him to his core and was unmistakably sexual. It certainly wasn’t cold in the club. When her nipples hardened, he’d been unable to resist kissing her. She tasted even better than he’d remembered, and when it came to Caroline, he remembered everything.

He wanted to sample that sweet spot between her legs that all but burned through his shorts every time they moved on the dance floor. Christ, she was hot. His cock pushed against his zipper like a heat-seeking missile, determined to thrust its way through anything to achieve its target.

The mental picture of Caroline—sun-darkened body, naked against white sheets—quickened his breath. Her unique musk had filled his senses. He remembered the taste of her saturating his mouth as he worked his magic licking and sucking her clit until she screamed his name and she came around his tongue. Then he’d slide into her soft heat as she gripped his cock with her inner muscles.Jesus, he wanted her. In bed. Tonight.


KaLyn Cooper’s romances blend fact and fiction with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense. Twenty-two years as a military wife has shown KaLyn the world, and thirty years in PR taught her that fact can be stranger than fiction. She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination. She, her husband, and bird dog live in Tennessee on a micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail. When she’s not writing, she’s at the shooting range or on the river. 

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