#WriteTip - Keeping the Flow by @LibbyWaterford (w/ an excerpt from Endless Devotion, a @DecadentPub #Romance)

Fellow Decadent Publishing author Libby Waterford has a brand new multicultural contemporary romance out. In addition to snagging an excerpt from Endless Devotion, I also convinced her to give me a writing tip. I spend many a morning staring at my manuscript, unable to add words to the page. Here's a trick that just might boost my productivity. 

Keeping the Flow

by Libby Waterford

My writing tip is about productivity and flow. Never get up from the keyboard at the end of a scene or a chapter. If possible, stop your writing session the in the middle of a sentence when you already know how the rest of the sentence will go. Finishing a block of writing time by using up all your ideas will make it that much more difficult to get back into your story the next time you sit down to write. If you keep an idea or two in reserve, you'll be able to start quickly with those and then get into the flow much more easily.

Endless Devotion

by Libby Waterford

What better way to keep her ex at a distance than by becoming engaged? Of course, Katya Noskov’s betrothal to a fellow Weston University professor is just a sham, but she’ll do anything to avoid becoming ensnared in the seductive trap set by Devak Batra, her charismatic ex, who just happens to be the US Secretary of Education.
Dev arrives on Weston’s campus to give the commencement address at the graduation ceremony and to propose to Katya while he’s at it. The last thing he expects is for her to announce her engagement to someone else. Undaunted, he’s determined to talk her out of her betrothal and back into his bed.

When Katya and Dev come together, sparks fly, clothes come off, and nothing, not even an engagement ring, can stop them from acting on their physical desires. From passionate stolen kisses to trysts in the rain, these two can’t keep their hands off each other, but steamy sex can’t resolve Katya’s reasons for leaving Dev in the first place. He must show he can make room for her in his life, not just his bed, if she can consider a future with the sexiest member of the Cabinet.

Will Katya’s fake engagement lead to a real proposal? Can Dev’s devotion survive distance, lies, and acts of congress?

The third of three erotic novellas set at the reunion and commencement weekend at Weston University, where lust leads to true love.

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Katya wrapped her bathrobe around her body, intending to make use of the sumptuous bubble bath her mother had given her for her last birthday, and to lose herself in the latest Elizabeth George novel. The antiquated doorbell shrilled at the front of the house.

It wasn’t terribly late, but she couldn’t imagine who would be stopping by. She peered through the window beside the door. Dev stood there, something bunched in his left hand. He seemed calm, assured. He wasn’t easily rattled, and his equanimity suddenly made Katya want to wipe the impassive look off his face.

She yanked open the door. “Yes?”

“You left your trench coat in my car.”

She grabbed it out of his hands. “Thanks.”

“So, back to the idea of breakfast. Perhaps you and Edward could both join me—”

Katya lunged forward and plastered her lips to his, stopping his flow of words, commanding the entirety of his attention for at least this one moment. She didn’t want to listen to any more of Dev’s plans or hear her fake fiancé’s name come out of his mouth one more time. She didn’t want to think about the lie she’d told or Dev’s reasons for being here. She wanted some peace from the war raging between her brain and her body’s primal need to feel this man’s skin against her own.

She’d make this moment last as long as she could in the hopes of gaining some relief from her interior battle.

He kissed her back, adjusting his posture so, despite his greater height, she didn’t have to stand on tiptoe to meet his lips.

“Yes,” she murmured into his mouth, owning her need for the first time that night and loving the rush of power her sudden freedom from indecision brought her. She filled her fist with his thick black hair, tossed aside the trench coat, and grabbed his tight, delectable ass with her other hand. She ground herself into his body, making her intentions unmistakably clear. She detected his arousal as he groaned and wrapped long arms around her waist, locking her to him.

They had always been like an erupting volcano when they’d come together, hot, heedless of anything in their path. Now they grappled and moaned and tried to out-kiss each other, stealing each other’s breath away. Katya barely registered the fact they were still on her doorstep and their coupling was visible to the world until Dev’s voice, scratchy with need, broke into her consciousness.

“We’re going to”—he kissed her—“get arrested for disturbing the peace.”

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