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Sponsored by  Harper A Brooks  &  TF Walsh

Sponsored by Harper A Brooks & TF Walsh

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Boys in books are just better. I still remember the day many moons ago when I fell for J.K. Rowling's Draco Malfoy (I'm into bad boys). As I grew out of my teens, I quickly progressed to Judith McNaught's Matt Farrell, Julia Quinn's Bridgerton men, and I'm now drooling over Nalini Singh's angels (I prefer Jason over Blue Bell or Raphael). However, it would be rude for me to lay claim over other people's men, so I'm going to pick one of my own. 

Meet Khalid Al Dehri. He's a modern day sheikh with a sexy British accent and an abrasive attitude. I wrote him for Michelle Day, a feisty American redhead who has the misfortune to get stranded in a Middle Eastern airport. After they get over their differences, he tempts her with some delicious treats in the business class lounge.

 I'll let Kal introduce himself: 

"Do you make a habit of propositioning women?” Michelle asked as she reached for her spoon.

Kal sniffed his espresso and pondered her question. “You might be my first.”

“I find that hard to believe.” She had an intent look on her face as she cracked the hardened layer of sugar. He began to suspect she did a cost-benefit analysis on everything she ate. If she didn’t like it enough, she refused to take a second bite.

He took a sip of the smooth, bitter brew. “I seldom initiate contact. Women approach me. If I fancy them enough, I reciprocate the attention.”

She cocked her head to the side. “Why on earth would women come on to you?”

He found her apparent disbelief amusing. “I suppose I’m easy on the eye and have a well-lined pocketbook. My title also acts like a beacon for eligible and not so eligible women.”

“You have a title, too? My panties are melting as we speak.” Her last words dripped with sarcasm.

His fondness for her irreverence grew with each iteration—a curious development. “I’m technically a Sheikh, so the term ‘Your Excellency’ gets bandied about upon occasion.”

She rolled her eyes. “You are a romance hero cliché. Too bad you’re not a vampire—they’re trending these days.”

Feeling playful, he bared his teeth. “How can you be sure I’m human?”

She leaned to the side and pointed at the tempered glass wall behind him. Though long past noon, sunlight poured in with near-blinding intensity. “I have a feeling vampires avoid the desert. The high concentration of UV rays would make them a fire hazard.”

One side of his mouth quirked up. “I thought they just glitter like diamonds.” 

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