Blog Swap! - Author Interview - Joya Fields


Joya Fields and I both have brand new releases from Decadent Publishing, so we decided to trade blogs for the day--I'm interviewing her over here and she's interviewing me over at her blog. Joya's new release, Sidelined Afterlife, is an erotic paranormal/contemporary romance featuring a psychic, a ghost and an ER doctor. You can buy the book directly from our publisher, or at other major eBook retailers such as Amazon and B&N.

Additionally, TODAY is the last day to enter Joya's Rafflecopter giveaway ($25 Gift card + cool prizes). I would embed it here, but SquareSpace and Rafflecopter seem to be mortal enemies and no number of seances  will get them to cooperate. As such, you can get to the giveaway by clicking on the link below:


1. Before we chat about this particular book, can you tell me a bit more about your Hauntings at Inner Harbor series? What ties them all together (I'm assuming ghosts?).

Thanks so much for having me today, Tara! What fun to do a blog swap. And congrats on your new release! You’re right. Hauntings at Inner Harbor series is tied together by ghosts, and it’s also tied together by the historic Baltimore apartment building where the characters in all three books reside. You see, like many buildings over 100 years old, this building is haunted. Especially the eighth floor for some reason. So each of the three books in this series (Hereafter, Altered Frequency, and Sidelined Afterlife), focus on one couple, and their specific experience. The characters cross over into the other books for quick little visits, but each book is a standalone.

2. So who's the "tall, dark and handsome" man on your cover? I feel we need to be introduced.

Hahaha! I agree! You should totally meet Harvey Stables in person one day. He is not only a hottie, he is genuinely friendly and kind. While writing Sidelined Afterlife, I envisioned Ian Somerhalder (from Vampire Diaries), but after meeting Harvey, I knew he’d be the perfect cover hunk.

3. I would never have thought to match a doctor with a psychic, but Hunter and Veronica seem perfect for each other. Is their's a case of "like minds get along" or "opposites attract"?

Such a GREAT question. I’m a big believer in “opposites attract.” My hubby and I are opposite in a lot of ways. As long as you are tied together by the big things like core values, each person can bring something new to the other one. For instance, Hunter is a skeptic of things he can’t see. He’s a man of science. But Veronica is a psychic-medium and knows there are things that can’t be seen with the normal human eye. Even though they’re opposite, they band together to help a ghost that needs them. Their core values are the same—helping others is important.

4. *Ahem* I can't help but notice your heat level rating is a 4. Here's a question from an author who consistently lands in "3" territory--what sort of naughty activities does an erotic romance include to warrant the higher rating?

Oh my gosh! You are so funny. Well, let’s see. To get a 4 heat level rating, I’d say add more sex, and different kinds of sex. Go ahead…experiment with different positions and styles. ☺ Let the heroine take the reins sometimes and see where she takes them.

5. *fans face* Let me just go ahead and shelve your book on my TBR pile. I'll file it on my tax returns as "research." Since I'm a newbie author, I have to ask: What's your secret to success? When you first started out, did you think you'd have this many books under your belt?

Awww, you are so sweet, Tara!! Thanks very much. I think my secret is the same secret as any other multi-published author: hard work. LOL. That’s the secret. Keep writing, as often as possible, keep learning the craft of writing and working to get it “right,” and join a critique group. Rejections are just little bumps in the road, so don’t let them get you down. Write, write, write. Revise, revise, revise. And be sure to have FUN! Thanks so very much for hosting me today! You ask REALLY great questions!!!

Since I know first hand how hectic Joya's schedule must be at the moment, I'll let her run off. Be sure to check out her blog to find an interview of your's truly. For more information about the book and author, just scroll down. Comments are always much appreciated.

Sidelined Afterlife

Psychic medium Veronica Matthews hates being able to communicate with the dead and the nearly departed. What good is it if she can’t lead the police to the victims of violent crimes before they die? But when her neighbor comes to her for help, she’s torn—until she understands that the ghost haunting him is more dangerous than any she’s encountered...

After losing his wife in a tragic accident, ER doctor Hunter Anderson’s only solace is his work and a ghost is jeopardizing that. Turning to his neighbor seems like his only choice, but spending time with the passionate woman, and her sassy attitude, might do more than save his life...

She can’t risk her heart. He’s afraid to love and lose again. Can a ghost help these two souls to live again?

About Joya Fields

Joya Fields has had over 100 stories and articles published in local and national magazines. Her debut novel, a romantic suspense, is a NJRW GOLDEN LEAF WINNER FOR BEST FIRST BOOK OF 2012 and was nominated for RT Book Reviews 2012 Indie Press/Self-Published Contemporary Romance award. Over the years, Joya has taught arts and crafts, worked in public relations, owned a daycare center, helped her children raise prize-winning 4-H livestock, competed in three marathons, and even spent a year as a Baltimore Colts cheerleader. Joya loves spending time with her high school sweetheart/husband of over twenty years, two very supportive children, and a pug who follows her everywhere.