#NewRelease and #Giveaway - The Dance of the Firefly by Kathy Bosman (@KathleenLBosman ), A @DecadentPub #Romance

The lovely Kathy Bosman returns with a brand new romance set in an exotic locale. Part of Decadent Publishing's Ubuntu: Escape to Africa line, this story features a ballet teacher and a single dad, along with his precocious daughter. Let's find out more!

The Dance of the Firefly

by Kathy Bosman

Mix together a beautiful ballerina and ballet teacher, a sexy single dad, and a precocious-yet-sweet daughter, and emotions run high. Add racial and cultural differences, work contracts coming to an end, and hurts and memories from the past and sparks fly.

Rowena loves to dance but has ended up teaching ballet instead. When she helps out Cameron’s difficult daughter, a bond develops between the two dancers. Cameron makes Rowena uncomfortable because he stirs up new, unwanted feelings which make no sense when he intends to leave Zambia soon when his contract ends.

Cameron can’t resist sanguine live-wire Rowena who makes his daughter smile for the first time in years. But can he risk his heart again when memories of his late wife come back to haunt him? And Rowena has a lot more at stake in giving her all.


Cameron slipped out the door before Rowena spotted him watching her. His heart rate betrayed his surprise. He’d never seen anything so beautiful. Samantha used to dance beautifully, but not with so much feeling. His late wife’s ballet had been a perfect craft. Each step melded into the next neatly and graciously, without anything out of line. He felt like he could almost see the imaginary lines on the stage when she danced. The perfect spaces she kept on.

Not this woman. Her dancing was rough, raw, and deep. In those few moments of watching Rowena through the high studio window from the dark outside, his whole soul had been shaken to the core. It was as if she’d touched something deep inside of him.

Since Samantha died, the only human being who mattered was Jamey. Few people understood what it was like to lose a spouse after six years of marriage and eight years together. It was like losing a leg or an arm. Everything you did was crippled. Every moment of every day, you remembered your loss and felt less capable of achieving your goals.

So how could he be so fascinated with another woman? He climbed into his Land Rover and took a potholed road to Kalundu to pick up Jamey. The familiar jarring of the huge gashes in the tar forced him to drive slowly. In some places, the surface of the road consisted of more dirt than tar. Boredom lulled him into a dream world.

Flashes of the teacher’s dance came back to him. Why couldn’t he stop thinking of it? Why did he suddenly long to take the woman in his arms and kiss her thoroughly? Her pertinence had attracted him. The raw energy she displayed had drawn him. The young woman’s unusual appearance had fascinated him. He’d been mesmerized by her fake blonde streaks against dark, straightened locks pulled into a tight ponytail, clear green eyes, and caramel skin. The unusual coloring and bone structure, with her high cheekbones and pointy chin, were softened by the smoothest-looking skin he’d even seen and rounded cheeks.

Saturday was going to be interesting. Not like he would pursue anything. He wasn’t ready for a romantic relationship. But browsing was free. Experiencing a person from a distance should be safe. Pity he couldn’t spy on the class. He had the means to, but would his conscience let him? A small smile tugged at his mouth. He could watch her before and after the lesson. In his mind’s eye, Samantha peered at him from the stage, her body poised in an elevated step, questioning him with her gaze, her gentle smile warming his heart. Yeah, it wasn’t time yet. Would his memories ever let him think of anyone other than his late wife? 

About Kathy Bosman

Kathy loves reading and writing even more. She homeschools her three kids, so in between unsuccessfully explaining the difference between subject and predicate or how to divide fractions, she enters an imaginary world of troubled and passionate characters whose stories take over the page. Kathy lives in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, where the summers are hot, the winters cool, and bugs thrive. Her first published novel, Wedding Gown Girl, came out in 2012 with Astraea Press. She belongs to the Romance Writers of South Africa Group (ROSA) which has been her greatest support and inspiration the last few years.

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Writing Tip - Creating Sexual Tension by Kathy Bosman

I'm delighted to welcome author Kathy Bosman here today. She's my pub-buddy over at Decadent Publishing and her multicultural sweet romance Dragonfly Moments is on sale for $0.99 (for a limited time). You can read all about it right after her writing tip. But first, I should tell you she's got an awesome giveaway going on. 


Click on the Rafflecopter link below to either win the grand prize of a $15 Amazon voucher or one of 5 dragonfly swag bags. Kathy's made beautiful beaded necklaces in a variety of colours and designs - one for each bag (pictured alongside her writing tip).


How to Create Sexual Tension by Kathy Bosman

Click here for a chance to win one of these beauties!

Click here for a chance to win one of these beauties!

Thank you, Tara Quan for hosting me on your blog today. Tara is a fellow Decadent Publishing author who writes spunky, exotic romances with paranormal, fantasy elements.

On my fourth day of my birthday blog tour, I'm offering a short writing tip. I could go into the usual writing tips, like not head hopping or changing point of views, or showing not telling, but today, I want to talk about something that I'm working on in my writing at the moment - sexual tension. Whether you write sweet or sexy romance, sexual tension is a very vital ingredient to keep the reader interested.

Sexual tension is that pull - it involves the emotions and physical attraction. It's that waiting, that longing, that wondering if they will kiss, if the couple will become one, if they will make love. It's built up in that waiting period before they take the action or until the next one. It's made stronger by conflict, by whatever pulls the couple apart, and it's also made stronger by bringing in all the senses.

Even if what you're waiting for happens, make the couple want more. Make them addicted to one another. Even better, bring them close to what they're longing for, but before it happens, stop. When they finally get a taste, use something to pull them apart. 

Show the sexual tension within them by internal dialogue, external dialogue and actions.

I don't know about you, but I like the element of the chase in a relationship. I like it when my man makes himself a bit hard to get sometimes. Doesn't that build sexual tension?

Build it up slowly, simmering beneath the surface until it bubbles up, unable to resist.

After that lead-in, I'm sure you're very curious about Kathy's book (I know I am). Read on for the blurb and trailer, and remember, it's on sale right now for only 99 cents!

Firefly Moments

Seven years earlier, a young and serious Tessa Calitz wrote a letter to free spirit Ryan le Roux promising her undying love. As time passed she forgot about that letter...but Ryan did not.

When he walks back into her life, Tessa is in a relationship and busy setting up her art gallery in Johannesburg. She has plans to start a family, and the arrival of Ryan throws her for a spin. He is the worst thing that could happen to her dream of stability...or is he?

When everything she clung to starts to crumble, Ryan is right beside her to inspire her to greater things. But her compulsion for having marriage and children on her terms alone pushes Ryan away--until she falls in love with an orphaned baby.

What can Ryan do to make Tessa realize that being with him is what her heart has longed for all along? 

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About Kathy Bosman

Kathy loved reading as a child and used to devour several books a month. She pushed her dream to write books into the back of her mind for many years until her first child was a toddler and she spent many hours watching and amusing him. Why not write a book to pass the time? After trying out children's books, she found her niche in contemporary romance years later. She wrote her first romance novel in 2007 and was published in 2012.

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