#WriteTip and #CoverReveal - Be Brave by K. Vale (@KimberVale), spotlighting her new #LGBT #MMRomance fr @LSB_lsbooks

It's been ages since I welcomed K. Vale to my blog, so I was delighted when she finally asked for help spreading the word about her next MM romance from Liquid Silver Books. Kimber has always been an awesome guest, and this time is no different. Not only has she given me a writing tip I can totally get behind, she's also provided an intriguing excerpt from her upcoming release. I can't wait to learn more about Balancing Act, the latest installment in the Shooting Stars series (after our regularly scheduled writing tip break, of course).

Be Brave by K. Vale

I toyed with tips about characterization (character worksheets rock!), or creating a playlist (when you aren’t feeling inspired, but need to get words down, spin your Spotify list and you’ll be transported to the world you created), but in the end, I’m opting for a shot of courage.

Don’t write what you know. That gets old fast and you’ll end up churning out the same books and characters over and over (if you don’t die of boredom first). Learn what you want to write about. Go to the library. Read voraciously in every genre. Do your homework.

Spread your writerly wings and fly.

I’m currently working on a book with a transgender character. For a while, I considered trying to stuff Andy into a fem gay box to stay in my own comfort zone. There are too many ways to screw up, too much I don’t know, and too many potential pitfalls where I may unintentionally offend.

But my character wasn’t budging on who she was deep down, so I decided to be brave. I’m researching my ass off. I’ll search long and hard for sensitivity readers when I’m finished. I’m going to give Andy the story she deserves, even if it frightens me on occasion. Every time those niggles creep up, I repeat my new motto:

Be brave, Kimber. Be brave.

Balancing Act

Shooting Stars Book 4

by K. Vale

Release Date: June 27, 2016

Greg Dwyer and Kyrie Li are living the glorious couple life in New York City. Or are they? When struggling actor Kyrie lands a modeling job, he’s ecstatic to have extra cash to spend on his best-friend-turned-boyfriend.

Of course, Greg is suspicious Anders Berglund, the gorgeous and androgynous Swedish cover model the designers love to pair with Kyrie, is after his man. And maybe Kyrie encourages a growing closeness with the guy?

Greg is probably to blame if Kyrie is drawn to the openly gay and seriously beautiful Andy. With Andy, Kyrie can be himself, as loud and proud as he’s always been. But Greg’s sexuality stays firmly locked in the closest except when he’s with Kyrie’s supportive family or alone with the man he loves.

To make matters worse, Greg’s out-of-touch mom meets with financial ruin and moves in with the couple, forcing him into the closet in his own home.

Can Greg find a way to stand up to Mommy Dearest and win back a love he fought so hard to reach? He discovers the road to pride begins at home and with accepting oneself first. Otherwise, it’s just a dead-end street.


“Won’t posing half-naked hurt your acting career?”

Kyrie scoffed, rolling his eyes. “No! Watch how many doors this opens. Just you wait.”

“And this is for what? Gay rights or…something?”

Kyrie ramped up the baleful expression. “Have you been listening to anything I’ve said for the past month? It’s not just gay. It’s everything. A campaign to call attention to all shades of the sexual identity spectrum. We gays are pretty widely accepted these days, you might be surprised to know.”

Greg’s arms stiffened around him, and Kyrie bit down on a sigh. Yes, we gays. Including you. Or maybe bi sits better, but you’ve been sticking it to a dude for almost a year and a half now. Time to officially join the not-so-straight club.

Kyrie expelled a frustrated breath after all. “It’s a phenomenal thing to be part of, never mind the sweet paycheck I’ll be pullin’ in. Never mind that I’ll be working with Anders Fucking Berglund and how much visibility I’ll get out of it.” He squeaked, elation bubbling from him despite Greg’s muted response.

“And I thought his first name was bad,” Greg groused, even as his fingers tested the thin mesh over Kyrie’s back and traveled lower.

Kyrie freely admitted he was damned stunning in the getup. All the white clothing they’d given him popped against the brown skin he’d inherited from his mother. Conversely, Anders was the fairest lad in all the land. He had pale blond hair and porcelain skin, fractured only by startlingly dark eyebrows and a couple of highly fortuitous moles rumored to have launched his career. He’d be dressed in black and guaranteed to look amazing. Together…this was going to be fucking epic.

“I thought you’d be proud of me.” Kyrie pouted, simultaneously arching his ass into Greg’s touch like a cat begging for attention.

“Of course I’m proud of you. I just worry about…well—”

“Everything?” Kyrie reached up to stroke Greg’s cheek, loving the feel of his trimmed beard and mustache combo. It could be soft, skimming over Kyrie’s nipples while Greg flicked a tongue and lit them on fire, or it could be coarse, bordering on harsh, as Greg went savage licking Kyrie’s ass and balls. Sure, that sort of thing was usually reserved for the times Greg had a few drinks on board and abandoned his inhibitions fully. But, oh God, when it happened…

Kyrie’s dick swelled thinking about Greg’s tongue swirling over his asshole. “Want me to pour you a little whiskey to help you wind down after your hard—” he squeezed Greg’s cock through his suit pants, “—day, sexy?”

Greg grunted and rocked his hips into Kyrie’s hand. “I can always use a little tension release.” His eyes, hooded, stared at Kyrie’s lips.

He parted them slowly and dragged his tongue tip across his top teeth. “I think I have one of those stress balls around here somewhere.”

Firm and fast, Greg hauled him flush against his chest and stole Kyrie’s breath. His fingers explored Kyrie’s ass crack—crude, demanding, bunching the satiny material between his cheeks before dragging lower to feather behind his nuts.

“Think I found my two favorite stress balls right here.” Greg wore a wicked grin. “Trying to hide ’em on me?”

He gathered the back of Kyrie’s tiny tight boxers, taking the wedgie to another level. He gasped and lifted on his toes. His sac was trapped, kinked up on one side of the seam almost painfully tight. Greg cupped Kyrie’s slung nuts, the touch so gentle it reminded him of ice over fire. Cool, crisp sheets after a day from hell.

Kyrie loved being the seductive bottom, igniting Greg with his teasing and flirting, backing off while he simmered. Then Kyrie would stoke him higher, feeding the inferno until Greg eventually crumbled and became the domineering top. Usually they made the game last, pushing each other’s buttons in their own drawn-out version of foreplay.

The sliver of pain slicing down Kyrie’s crack paired succulently with the throbbing wood pressed against his lower belly. All signs told him they were going straight to sudden death—no warm-up, no scrimmage, just hot, fast action. Game on.

About K. Vale

K. Vale writes erotic romance of all stripes, from hot hetero to mouthwatering manlove. Find her M/F work published under Kimber Vale. Stalk Kimber on Facebook and Twitter, check http://authorkimbervale.com for updates, new releases, and freebies, and sign up for her newsletter to receive an exclusive free story. Come for the sex. Stay for the story.

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#NewRelease - Claimed by Desire by Skye Jones (@skyejromance), a #PNR #MMRomance

Today, I'm giving a shout out to my Liquid Silver Books pub-buddy Skye Jones.  The second installment in her Wild Hunters series just came out, and this excerpt should whet the appetite of many a M/M paranormal romance fan. Let's take a closer look!

Claimed by Desire

Wild Hunters, Book 2

by Skye Jones

Dylan Roberts returns to the Wales of his birth a changed man after the violent death of his mate. Having turned his back on being a bounty hunter and sworn off love for life, all he wants now is revenge.

When he meets Aeron Lombardo, his new farmhand, Dylan resents the intense attraction that blossoms between them. But Aeron won’t stop pushing and soon things take a hot and sexy turn.

As passions rise, danger rears its ugly head. Now Dylan and Aeron must choose whether to separate or commit to one another totally. Will Dylan take the final step and claim his new mate? 


Not knowing what else to do, Aeron waited until they’d turned the corner, and then flagged down the first passing cab. His stomach hurt. He figured he’d been winded, but in all likelihood not seriously injured in any way. The pain wasn’t any worse than the fights he used to get into at school. It could have been bad, but the crowd got rid of them before it turned ugly. As the cab slowed down to a stop, he leaned down to the window and gave his address.

“You’re not getting in my cab, bleeding all over the place. Been fighting and drinking, eh? Sorry, but I don’t need the hassle.” The driver wound his window up and drove off.

Bleeding? Aeron touched his hand to his face. His lips and mouth were dry, but as he moved his fingers up toward his eyebrow he felt sticky liquid and cursed as he pulled his hand away. The tips of his fingers were covered in blood.

Another cab crawled by, and he tried his luck again, only to get the same result. He’d two options: give in and call the police, spend hours giving a statement and waiting around in Accident and Emergency, or get the night bus. Neither of which appealed. With the way his luck ran this evening, the driver might not let him aboard. Or the same men might be on the bus, ready for round two.

He scrolled through the contacts in his phone and called David twice, but he didn’t pick up. He tried Sasha, but no luck there either. They were probably somewhere too noisy to hear him call.

Next he tried Rhys but again got no answer. Fuck, his body ached! He needed to get home and lie down. Should he call Dylan? His boss would probably come pick him up, if at home. But might he blame him for fighting? Then again, he’d helped patch up Dylan

only last week with his mysterious ‘I fell on some glass, honest’ routine.

Nausea started to swirl in his belly and the earth tilted on its axis. Great! He didn’t need to be adding puking to the mix. Desperate, he dialed Dylan, his fingers shaking. The phone picked up on the third ring.


“Dylan?” His voice wobbled as he spoke.

“Yes. Who is this?”

“Me. Sorry, Aeron. I’ve been…in an accident. I’m in Llandudno. Can you come and get me? I don’t want to go to the hospital.” He almost laughed at the way his pleas mirrored those of Dylan’s from a few days ago.

“Where are you?”

“In Llandudno.”

“Yep, I got as much, but where exactly?” The curt, no nonsense reply helped him focus.

He turned to the hotel and looked up. “I’m outside The Royal. Park up on the seafront, near the corner with the Marks and Spencer’s, and call me. I’ll come out. I’m going to sit in the hotel bar and wait, so I’ll be safe.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

He hung up. He didn’t stop to think until he sat in the soft chairs of The Royal Hotel. When he did, he started to freak out. Why the hell did he think it a good idea to call Dylan? What possessed him to ring his boss to come get him all beat up on a Saturday night?

But he’d not known who the hell else to call. And as he sat and thought, he realized something else. Dylan had never hesitated, not once.

About Skye Jones

Skye Jones is an erotic romance author who writes about that moment when lust and love meet head on. For giveaways, news, and free stories sign up to her newsletter, or stalk her on Facebook.

#NewRelease Spotlight - A Class Act by Leigh Ellwood (@LeighEllwood), a @DecadentPub #MMRomance #1NightStand

I'm delighted to welcome a fellow Madame Eve acolyte here today. The lovely Leigh Ellwood (who I collaborated with in the Spank or Treat 2014 anthology) has a brand new M/M romance out. A Class Act is part of Decadent Publishing's 1-Night Stand series, and it just came out yesterday! Without further ado, I'll let Leigh take over. 

So here I am, minding my own business and preparing another post for the TRS release party on one of the box sets, when I get word my latest Decadent Publishing story is out early! Wait, what? I have to promo that also? ACK!

Seriously, I'm thrilled. I had so much fun writing A CLASS ACT and I hope if you love M/M you'll pick it up. Enjoy this preview.

A Class Act by Leigh Ellwood

Class in Session, Book 2 (May be read standalone)
Gay Erotic Romance

Barry Kellam receives a mysterious invitation from 1Night Stand and can’t imagine who would arrange a night of sexual passion with him…except perhaps a former student who’s gone on to greater things.

Paul Merrill is the toast of Broadway. While the awards and fame are nice, he wants to share his success—and his body—with the man who inspired him. But Dr. Kellam isn’t one to date fellow faculty or alumni. Will he answer Madame Eve’s call?


The fleeting idea that Paul Merrill was somewhere else in Manhattan right now set a chill in his heart. Maybe some billionaire in disguise arranged this, like a super-rich parent he met at an open house who misinterpreted a handshake as a come-on. He shook away the ridiculous notion as the elevator floor vibrated. The ideas ballooned like fantastic movie plots, not unlike the one that would make Paul a household name.

At Room 2401, his hand trembled and it took three tries to get the green light. “Room” hardly described his quarters for the night. 1Night Stand appropriated them with a lavish suite with wide panel windows revealing Times Square in its explosive, mega-watt glory. The waving red lines of the story-high Coca-Cola ad mesmerized him, but only momentarily as he fought to keep his bearings. If his date was here, he was probably in another part of the suite.

The bedroom, no doubt. He swallowed back his nerves, inhaled, and stepped deeper into the living area. Large, suede sofas faced a wall-sized entertainment system. The wet bar looked better stocked than an actual restaurant. Barry’s mouth watered for a shot of vodka.

“Dr. Kellam!”

Barry’s heart jolted and his direction whipped to the left toward the approaching figure. “Paul, thank God it’s you.”

Be sure to pick up the first story, A DIFFERENT CLASS!

FDR High Class of 2004 graduate, Glenn Carson contacts fellow alumni to get a list of who will be attending the upcoming festivities. One call to a disgruntled former student leaves him shaken—apparently, not everyone is looking forward to the reunion. Hoping to ease his frustration, he contacts the 1Night Stand service for a relaxing and passionate encounter.

Known as “Mumbles” to former classmates, Rod Maloney would prefer to focus on the present and his successful business. However, past tragedies continue to haunt him, so he requests Madame Eve find him a man to show him a hot time and help him forget his troubles.

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I am Leigh Ellwood. I write smutty stories about people who like getting naked and having sex. Some have more sex than others, some have sex with people of the same gender, some have sex with more than one person, and still others have sex with toys and things that require the use of batteries. My stories range from a few thousand words to well past 70k.

I have won awards for writing, and I have received 5-star reviews. I have also received 1-star reviews and people have looked at me funny at cons and events. I enjoy reading, yoga, and rock music. I liked the 9th Doctor best. I don’t wear dresses. I won’t cut my hair or color it. I will not limit myself to one genre when it comes to writing. I write contemporary, paranormal, gay, lesbian, menage, geek, short, long, purposely funny and hilariously sad. If I never win a major award or make a list, I will live content in the fact that I have written something, and that’s the dream.

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