Cover Art - Warlock's Pawn - A Fantasy Erotic Romance


Coming March 18, 2013 - (Get 20% off when you pre-order from

I've been absent from the blogosphere of late, and now you know why. Aside from trying to hammer out my two WIPs, I've been busy getting Warlock's Pawn ready for release. It's all done, and I have shiny new cover art to show off. Inspired by The Arabian Nights, Warlock’s Pawn is a romantic suspense replete with political intrigue, magic, and a sword-wielding alpha male.


In a world of blood and sand, becoming a warlock’s queen is a fatal curse. To survive the Helicon court, Alia must learn to play a lethal game. But while she faces assassins with a dagger in hand, what she fears most is losing her heart along with her freedom.