#NewRelease - Role Reversal by Shiloh Saddler (@ShilohSaddler), an #Erotic #MMRomance

It seems like only yesterday that Shiloh Saddler visited, perhaps because it was. Being super prolific, this erotic romance author's got yet another new release to promote. Here's a quick look at Role Reversal.

Content Warning

Contains Intense Edgy Erotic Romance including historical style BDSM and D/S. If you would rather not read such things, please don't continue. By not leaving, you are acknowledging you are at least 18 years old or the age of consent in your country. 

Role Reversal

by Shiloh Saddler

When his former love interest reappears in his life can he get over the man's betrayal and embrace the future?

Before the War Between the States, Andrew had deep feelings for Robert, but he couldn't express his desires to his young master. When the family fled Atlanta, he ran away to obtain his freedom. Ten years later, Andrew is not only free but the wealthy owner of several barbershops in New Orleans. Only one thing is lacking from his life: a long-term lover. When a customer tells him the whorehouse hired a new male prostitute he hopes visiting him could ease his loneliness. Only in his wildest dreams did he imagine the new whore to be Robert.

The war turned Robert's life upside down. Without slaves to work his plantation, his father sold Robert to a brothel. Trained in the art of submission, Robert hates his life as a whore, but he doesn't see a way out. Heartache hits him when he thinks about his past and happy memories of Andrew. The man deserted him when they were children, just like everyone he cared for had over the years.


Robert lay stretched over the foot of the bed, waiting for Andrew to take him. His heart pounded an erratic rhythm in anticipation. For all the men who had fucked him up until now he’d been merely a toy. None of them had cared about his feelings, but Andrew was different because of their shared past. As his manservant, and bodyguard from the bullies at school, Andrew had taken care of him, been nothing but generous and kind. He knew the dominant man would possess the same care and generosity in the bedroom and this fuck would better than any he’d had before.

Andrew put a warm hand on the small of his back and leaned over him. “Have you had a plug before?” he whispered in his ear.

Robert swallowed. “Y-yes, Sir.”

“Good. Then you know what to expect. I am going to give you a plug. It will stretch you and make you ready for me.”

Andrew walked away for him for a moment probably to get the plug and some cream. Robert spread his legs wider, letting him know he was ready.

Andrew ran both hands from his waist to the round globes of his ass. While he delighted in the man’s caress he wanted more. The man separated his cheeks and then licked his hole. Robert gasped, surprised by the man’s moist wet tongue.

“You taste like my milk and honey soap,” Andrew said in a deep rumble. “I want you to spread your cheeks for me.”

Robert reached back and grabbed his ass, pulling his cheeks apart. Stuck in this position he could barely move. Maybe that was what the dominant man wanted.

Silence. Robert turned his head and saw Andrew open a jar of cream and spread a liberal amount all over his thick dark fingers.

Robert turned his head into the mattress and prepared himself to be entered.

Andrew slipped a finger into his hole and massaged, eliciting a tiny moan. “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” Robert hissed. He was more than ready.

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About Shiloh Saddler

Shiloh Saddler likes to do research for her steamy romances first hand. She has invented a time machine and travels back to the 19th century on a regular basis. There are experimental settings on her time machine which could propel her into the future and even other worlds. She believes love and a good book makes anything possible.

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Tara Quan

Globetrotter, lover of languages, and romance author, Tara Quan has an addiction for crafting tales with a pinch of spice and a smidgen of kink. Inspired by her travels, she enjoys tossing her kick-ass heroines and alpha males into exotic contemporary locales, fantasy worlds, and post-apocalyptic futures. Visit Tara at www.taraquan.com


#WriteTip - Is Your POV Working? by Shiloh Saddler (@ShilohSaddler), a @DecadentPub #MMRomance Author

I'm delighted to welcome Shiloh Saddler back to offer another #WriteTip. Before I take out my notebook, I should let you know that this prolific author has a brand new book out. Part of Decadent Publishing's Beyond Fairytales line, Bitten by Snake Oil promises to be a sizzling hot MM Romance. It's available now, and there's a juicy excerpt for you at the end of this post. 

Is Your Point of View Working?

by Shiloh Saddler

I’d like to thank Tara for having me on her blog today. Bitten by Snake Oil, my Beyond Fairytales retelling of the Old Man Made Young Again, was released today. Have you heard of the story The Old Man Made Young Again? [Nope...not me.] I hadn’t when Decadent assigned me this story. I didn’t realize how many Grimm fairytales there were until I looked them up!

Bitten by Snake Oil was a challenge to write. The original story is far from romantic. It taught me many things one of which was how important the right point of view is for your story. I don’t know how many times I started writing Bitten by Snake Oil in third person. It is common for a romance to show both main characters in third person. However, it wasn’t working for me.

I could get inside my blacksmith’s head, Jed Riker, however the other man in my story Peter Saint was remaining silent. Being a medicine show salesman who dabbles in magic he didn’t want to give up his secrets. I finally relented and allowed him to remain in the shadows. As soon as I scrapped the draft and started in first person the story came together quickly. I realized that my blacksmith could carry the story all by himself.



Bitten by Snake Oil

by Shiloh Saddler

Since the death of his wife four years ago, blacksmith Jed Riker has been fighting his attraction to men. When sexy medicine-show man Peter Saint comes into Tumbleweed, Kansas, Jed buys his potion hoping for a cure, but receives vivid erotic dreams of the perfectly built salesman instead.

Jed’s uses all his strength and energy to fight the attraction in a town where the local preacher’s hellfire and damnation sermons promise repercussions if he dares to act on them. Can Peter Saint’s potions offer a solution and free the blacksmith to live and love as he wishes and not as his closed-minded neighbors demand?

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My chest rose and fell as I let out a long sigh. I sank deeper into the mattress, and my white-knuckle grip on alertness slipped.

Slowly, I succumbed to slumber.

“Are you mad at me, Blacksmith?”

I rolled over and blinked. Mr. Saint sat next to me on the bed, not wearing a stitch of clothing.

My gaze dropped to his growing cock. I caught myself and forced my attention back to his face.

“Why would I be mad at you?” My voice wavered. I didn’t know what he expected me to say and felt somehow this was a test…maybe even a trap.

Mr. Saint scooted closer to me, and his hand trailed down my bare arm, igniting sparks under my skin. “You didn’t seem too friendly with me earlier.”

My stomach tightened. How friendly did he want me to be? Considering he was sitting on my bed, naked, I was guessing very friendly.

“Sorry, Peter,” I mumbled. I should order him to put his clothes back on and leave my room immediately, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I could gaze at his angelic form all night long.

Disgusted with myself, I rolled back onto my side and again faced the wall. Maybe he would get the hint and leave. I bit my lip and held my breath.

“You can make it up to me,” he whispered in my ear.


His hand traveled down my back and over the curve of my ass. He stopped, his palm firmly planted on my right cheek. “Let me inside you.”

About Shiloh Saddler

Shiloh Saddler likes to do research for her steamy romances first hand. She has invented a time machine and travels back to the 19th century on a regular basis. There are experimental settings on her time machine which could propel her into the future and even other worlds. She believes love and a good book makes anything possible.

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Knowing when you need space ... from your manuscript: A #WriteTip from Shiloh Saddler

Shiloh Saddler has a new release, but I yanked her out of the busy promo blitz to offer me a writing tip, and give me a sneak peak of her scorching FFM menage romance (fans of Rome and Spartacus should love this one!). If you want to skip straight to the raunchy fare, scroll down until you hit her gorgeous cover. Otherwise, let's learn a thing or two from the Queen of Smexy. 

Knowing when you need space ... from your manuscript

by Shiloh Saddler

Tara Quan asked me if I wanted to share a two sentence writing tip. It took me a little while to think of a good one. I wanted to share a writing tip that helped me with Private Pleasure. It took me over a year to finish Private Pleasure. It is my very first ménage and it posed some difficulties I didn’t expect.

I knew my storyline, but I couldn’t get the story right. I actually didn’t find Senator Felix’s voice until the second to the last draft! Some stories just take longer to develop. Don’t give up. That said, here is my writing tip: separation is sometimes for the best. If you are struggling with your manuscript move to a new one and give yourself and your characters a chance to work out the problems.

Content Warning

Shiloh's book is ancient history with an erotic romance twist. It contains two women lusting after each other and a powerful man determined to have them both.

In other words, everything below is adults only...

Private Pleasure by Shiloh Saddler

A member of the Roman elite, Livia, shares a secret Sapphic relationship with her slave that’s threatened when her father forces her to marry a powerful senator. But after her new husband introduces her to the pleasures of sex with men, she finds her attraction torn. Is it the senator she wants in her bed, or her slave?

Sensuous Naomi has been a devoted slave and lover to Livia for many years, but she too, feels a desire for the senator that’s too powerful to stop. When he discovers their secret, he offers Naomi a choice – marry another slave, or live as a threesome. Naomi jumps at the chance to lie in the senator’s arms, even if only for one night.

Felix’s political ambition knows no bounds, nor his appetite for women. But when a critical mission results in his capture, it’s only getting back to his two lovers he desires, no matter what the diplomatic fallout. Little does he know the risks he’s taken in his bed and in the field have not gone unnoticed by the emperor, but will he be rewarded or reprimanded for his actions?


Naomi stood behind her, pulling a comb through her hair. She saw Naomi’s beaming smile in the reflection of the polished bronze mirror.

“You are beautiful, Domina,” Naomi said, pinning her hair.  “Senator Felix is a lucky man.”

Livia reached up and rested her hand on top of Naomi’s. “No. I am the lucky one.” Daughters were possessions. Fathers and husbands could dispose of them as they wished. She was marrying a good man, a man who understood the strong connection between a woman and her personal servant. Scarlett rose in Livia’s cheeks.

Senator Felix didn’t know just how deep their connection went.  At least, Livia prayed that he didn’t. Somehow they would continue their private pleasure. Livia couldn’t imagine a day without seeing Naomi’s sweet face, her bright smile. She warmed Livia’s cold days, and soothed her every sorrow and ache.

Father had warned her against forming a personal attachment with the slaves. He bought and sold them at will and at need. Slaves were just another tool to be used or discarded as necessary. Livia had heeded his advice in every regard except for Naomi. Their bond went beyond friendship, beyond sisterly affection. While such closeness was forbidden according to society’s expectations it did not change her feelings, did not diminish her love.

She knew she would never have these same feelings for the husband she would marry out of duty to her father.

Tears pooled in Naomi’s eyes. “All these years it has just been the two of us, Domina—”

“You are coming with me,” Livia said.

“Yes, but it will be different.”

“Hopefully not so different,” Livia said, and then forced a smile. Seeing Naomi so shook up unnerved her. Something was bothering her.

“What is wrong?” she asked, not wanting to see her Naomi frown.

“It is nothing, Domina. My apologies for not being cheerful on your wedding day.”

Livia tilted her head to the side, regarding her lover. “Something has been on your mind for several nundinaes. Now tell me.”

Naomi swallowed and opened her mouth, but no words came.

Livia waited. She knew Naomi could not resist an order from her Domina.

“It is Senator Felix,” Naomi said softly. “The way he looks at me…”

“I saw,” Livia said, keeping emotion out of her voice. She did not like how her soon to be husband looked at her lover.

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About Shiloh Saddler

Shiloh Saddler likes to do research for her steamy romances first hand. She has invented a time machine and travels back to the 19th century on a regular basis. There are experimental settings on her time machine which could propel her into the future and even other worlds. She believes love and a good book makes anything possible.

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