Warlock's Pawn - A Fantasy Erotic Romance - Now Available!


I'm writing this from an airline lounge, so it's going to be short and sweet.

Today is the release day for Warlock’s Pawn - the first book in my Captive Fates series. The buy links are live on LSBooks, Amazon, and ARe. If you do grab it, you'll be beating me to the final version (I haven't gotten my copies yet).

It'll probably take another month before the book is available elsewhere. I will be consolidating buy links on my Captive Fates page, where I've posted an excerpt. Chapter 1 can be sampled at all the above-listed distributers.

People who read my interview on The Clog Blog know that this novella's genesis dates to my reading of Liquid Silver Books' heat level descriptions. I read the requirements for their highest level and had a Barney Stinson "Challenge accepted!" moment. As such, scroll past the blurb to read the content notes.

Foreseeing the warlock’s destiny, Alia saves the man her sister plotted to kill. He returns five years later to conquer her city. A pawn in a battle for desert waters, Alia resigns herself to a political marriage and an empty bed. But when Duncan demands more than just her name, she chances losing her heart along with her freedom.

Determined to reclaim her kingdom, Anora parlays her body to remain at Duncan’s side. From within the Helicon court she spins her web, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Alia is all that stands between her and the throne. Her sister must cease to breathe before the warlock’s affection wanes.

A master tactician, Duncan has no qualms about making Anora his courtesan and Alia his queen. But it is Alia’s eyes that haunt his dreams, and she soon becomes his only weakness. With the perils that haunt the Helicon court, caring for the fey is absolute folly. A warlock’s love is a fatal curse, and Alia’s death will be his undoing.

Content Notes: Intense Heat/Edgy Erotic Romance, Anal Play/Intercourse, Light BDSM Practices or Play, Menage