Heather and the French Chef Part 1 - April Fools (Absolute Write Blog Chain - April 2013)

This post is part of the April 2013 Blog Chain at Absolute Write. This month, the prompt is "April Fools."  [Forgive me: I have writer's block!] "Heather, I need your attention."

"Umm...Hmm..." She replied as she swiped the screen on her ebook reader and loaded the next page. Lily the werewolf hunter was about to engage in some sword action with the Alpha of the Prairie Wolves Clan--the oh-so-yummy immortal whom Heather had no doubt will later tear up the sheets with her favorite heroine.

"The kitchen's on fire."

"Uh huh. Yes, I'm listening." Lily just got nicked, and all this aggresssion was calling to the werewolf's most basic instincts. Things were just about to get interesting. Heather crinkled her nose. There was an odd smell in the air.

The sound of rushing water preceded loud thumping noises. "Nevermind, I put it out."

The shifter had just broken the enchanted sword in half was about to sink his fangs into Lily's throat. The Hunter reached for a hidden blade in her boot.

The ebook reader was yanked out of Heather's hands. When she looked up, it was to meet Pierre's irate blue gaze. This was unacceptable. He knew better than to interrupt her while she read. "Can I help you?"

Her roommate tapped his bare foot on the floor as he pointed in the general direction of their shared kitchen. "The roast needed to be out of the oven an hour ago. You said you would do it."

The man's curly black hair was ruffled. A thick stubble indicated he hadn't shaved for at least a day or two. There were black smudges on his neck and arms. Dressed in worn jeans and a sooty white tee-shirt, he still managed to look devasting. The French accent might have something to do with it.

She tried to recall the referenced conversation. She vaguely remembered saying "Sure" when Pierre told her he was running out to get some wine. She slumped. He did say something about a roast.

She looked up at him with pleading eyes. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

"Pffttt...of course it will. It happens at least once a month." The schedule coincided with the times Pierre asked her to watch over something time-sensitive. He should have learned by now their concepts of time couldn't be more different. "This is the last straw. I'm moving out."

She blinked. "What?"

"I will find a new dwelling tomorrow. I need a bigger kitchen. The restaurant is making money. I can afford to buy my own place."

Her mind whirled. Was today really the day? "Are you sure? I mean, I thought you loved the location?"

She inherited the two-bedroom condo from her grandmother five years ago. This man had been her tenant for the past two. Compared to the psychos who preceded him, Pierre was perfect. He paid his rent on time, was OCD about cleanliness, and cooked spectacular meals. She'd gained several pounds since they'd met, and she didn't regret a single souffle. His hand-made chocolate truffles were also to die for.

Nonetheless, she couldn't be more happy about his decision to move out.

"When do I ever say things I am not sure about?" He replied as he placed one hand on his hip.

She jumped to her feet. "Thank goodness!"

He frowned and looked suddenly bemused. "You want me to leave?" He couldn't sound more shocked. It was curious since he was the one who made the annoucement.

She resisted the urge to clap her hands with glee. "Financial and culinary implications aside, I've been waiting for this moment forever. If you're no longer going to be my tenant, I don't have to worry about damaging our relationship."

He looked at her as if she'd grown two heads. At times like these, showing was better than telling.

She circled her arms around his nape. All she had to do for their lips to meet was tilt her head. There were perks to being tall. The taste of dark chocolate and smoked sea salt motivated her to further explore. The man was more delicious than all his desserts combined.

One of his hands lifted to her waist. She was the opposite of willowy, but he handled her so gently she felt delicate. Any doubts she had faded as he responded to her kiss by delving his tongue into her mouth.

He gently lowered her eReader onto the coffee table. With his now free hand, he combed his fingers through her short curls and tilted her head for better access. He guided her onto their well-worn sofa. Her back met soft cushions. Her hands dropped from his nape to caress his shoulders and chest. Since he tasted everything he made, he wasn't fashionably lean. But he felt strong, solid, and utterly perfect.

He broke the kiss. His face hovered a few inches from hers. His breath came in harsh heavy pants that matched her own. "Before we continue, I should remind you of something."

She frowned. What could possibly be so important?

He looked pained and just a little guilty. "Today is April 1st. I was told there is an American tradition I should observe on this day."

She blinked rapidly. Her brain cells fired. When his meaning finally made its way through her kiss-addled mind, she gasped. "You're not moving out are you?"

The sheepish look on his face was all the answer she needed. "April Fools!"

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