Book Trailer - Warlock's Pawn - #FantasyRomance #EroticRomance

After Warlock's Pawn was selected by Goodread's PNR NaUBA group to be one of July's books of the month (join the discussion here), I was given the opportunity for my (then non-existent) book trailer to be posted on the group's main page for a short period. At first I simply replied saying that I didn't have a book trailer, but DH owed me a few brownie points (for ... err ... stuff). Given, he's a career bureaucrat and didn't (at the time) know such a thing as book trailers existed, but who am I to scoff at free labor (with iMovie skills)?

So I traded my brownie points for a short video (which can be described as a one minute powerpoint presentation with background music), and thus a book trailer was born. Comments are welcome, though DH has already told me he agreed to make the trailer, not make changes to the trailer. As such, it's probably going to stay as is until the end of time (I had more than a few critiques of my own, and no amount of nagging could get the man to change make changes).

P.S. If you look very carefully, you might be able to spot me in this video (we didn't have the budget for stock images). The background music is a Garageband  creation.