Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday No. 30 (#sffsat) - Rescued Snippet from a Nameless Trunked Manuscript - #Fantasy #Scifi

After finishing the first chapter of Warlock's Pawn last week, I found myself in a bit of a quandary. The novella veers into very adult territory soon after, and there's a publisher limit on how much of the book I can post on my blog. As such, it is time to move on. My next two finished works are in the wrong genre, and my WIP isn't quite ready for prime time. What's a girl to do but dig into the past?

Here are 10 rescued sentences from a Nameless Trunked Manuscript. It was my first attempt at a full-length novel and harkens to a time when writing steamy scenes still made me blush. It was also written when vampires were still in vogue (though these vampires have pseudo-scientific origins). I actually hit 70k on this one, but most of it is quite horrible. The prospect of revising the whole thing is too daunting, but let's see if I can salvage it one snippet at a time. (Disclaimer: My writing has significantly improved over the years.)

“She’s not what I expected.” Hades Kerosian scrutinized the video feed on his ultra-slim computer monitor. The stitched leather soles of his Italian-made shoes tapped a steady rhythm on the dark marble floor. Though there were no lamps or overhead light, the room was swathed in an orange glow.

He tapped his keyboard to zoom-in on the high definition image of a fidgety young woman. Dwarfed by the waiting room’s blocky armchair, she looked delicate enough to snap in half. She sported a black T-shirt and dark jeans. Her mahogany hair was pulled into a sleek ponytail and slipped out the back of a pink baseball cap. Yellow-tinted sunglasses covered most of her face.

Twitter: #sffsat
Twitter: #sffsat

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