Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday No. 31 (#sffsat) - Rescued Snippet from a Trunked Manuscript - #Scifi #Fantasy #Romance

Here are the next 10 rescued sentences from my nameless trunked manuscript. My first attempt at a full-length novel, it was written when vampires were still in vogue (though these vampires have pseudo-scientific origins). The prospect of revising the whole thing is too daunting, but let's see if I can salvage it one snippet at a time. (Disclaimer: My writing has significantly improved over the years.) For last week's post (as well as all the ones from Warlock's Pawn and Tower in the Woods), click here. In the previous snippet, we established my heroine's rather odd fashion sense and my hero's name (Hades). The cue word for this week is "Suns", and hopefully I managed to make the snippet work.

“What did you expect?” His sister’s blue eyes flashed silver as her lips firmed into a defensive line. The youngest member of his family, Nell had difficulty suppressing the physical manifestations of her emotions.

He tore his gaze from the video feed. “You identified Cora Springfield as a vampire detection expert. This human doesn’t look like one.”

“How many vampire detection experts have you met?” Nell freed a strand of hair from her coiffure and twirled it around her finger. The blond tendril soon glowed golden.

Not in the mood to face a potentially destructive temper tantrum from little miss sunshine, he conceded her point.

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