Delicious Delay by Tara Quan - On 99c Sale Now!

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My lovely publisher for Delicious Delay is putting my book on a 99 cents sale for a limited time. Since this is my very first Amazon sale, I'm using it as a test case for the various advertising options an author with a limited budget has at her disposal.

My Q&A date is June 12th.

My Q&A date is June 12th.

Aside from dropping by a bunch of blogs of very kind author friends, I'm also participating in the Sizzling Summer Party at The Romance Reviews and blogging at Coffee Time Romance. I've signed up for a few email advertising services and given The Masquerade's Crew's short-term tweeting service a shot. They'll also be a minor Facebook and Twitter push on my end (as much as I can fit in with a vacationing husband and an impending move to Rome). If you're guessing I'm doing this in anticipation of a few releases I haven't yet announced, then you'd be right. I'm a "wait until the edits are done" type of author, but, rest assured–I have a number of contracted upcoming releases in the works. Until then, I have some time to research the market from a promotional standpoint.

Of course, no amount of advertising can ever take the place of word of mouth. If you've read Delicious Delay and like it, please let your friends know about the sale.

If you've already reviewed this book, I recommend you mosey on down to my Rafflecopter Giveaway, where you can earn 10 entries by linking me to your review. Of course, there are many other options to enter, including liking my page on Facebook, following me on Twitter, tweeting about the Giveaway, or subscribing to my newsletter (many of which you may have already done). There's a $15 and two $5 gift cards on offer to entice you to make the click.

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Delicious Delay by Tara Quan is on sale for 99c! "Bite-sized romance with a punch." #Multicultural #Romance