#SpankOrTreat 2016 - Punishing the Panther - A #Spanking #Shifter #PNR by Tara Quan (Me!)

Thanks for trick-or-treating at my humble home on Spank or Treat 2016 lane. I've got some potential goodies for you in the Rafflecopter at the very end, so don't forget to read all the way through (no cheating, pretty please). Before I present my brand spanking new short story (pun intended), let me get some administrative details out of the way.

In this event, we'll be giving you a taste of the upcoming Spank or Treat anthology. At the stroke of midnight EST (UTC -5) on Sunday, October 23rd, all stories will be returned to the vault until the eBook is released. Each story is a delicious treat in and of itself, but, as always, you'll have the chance to win goodies by participating authors, many of whom are also offering prizes. Visit them all to maximize potential wins! 

Anastasia Vitsky | A.M. Leibowitz | Barbara Winkes | Ever Coming | Kate Richards | 
Loralynne Summers | Louisa Bacio | Merryn Dexter | Regina Cole | Siobhan Muir 
Tara Quan (You Are Here)

For more information, updates, and a list of participating authors, please visit Anastasia Vitsky’s blog. If you're feeling extra festive, come give Spank or Treat a like on Facebook, join the Spank or Treat Event for a weekend of fun, or throw some #SpankOrTreat hashtag confetti on Twitter.

And now, my personal treat. 

Punishing the Panther

A Spank or Treat 2016 Story

by Tara Quan

A scion of two Capital Hill political dynasties, water mage Aaron Masterson already faces overwhelming media attention. When a photo of his naked butt shows up on a gossip blog, he is forced to confront the panther shifter stalking him around town.


An excerpt from Punishing the Panther was originally posted during the event (which is over). You can now read the entire story in the Spank or Treat 2015 Anthology, where you will find multiple doses of spanking and hanky-panky.

Oh, as always, I promise you kinky sex. Very creative, magically aided, kinky sex. It's kind of a trademark of mine. On the topic of bondage, Charlotte's big brother Adrien recently participated in a chocolate-covered version. During the hop, his story is on $0.99 sale at Amazon and AllRomance. Take a peak--he's quite delicious.

Feline Valentine

A Witch's Night Out #4

by Tara Quan

Under magical house arrest in her great-grandmother’s suburban cottage, college graduate and reluctant earth mage Shelley Dupree whiles away most mornings spying on the warlock next door. Though erotic daydreams offer some distraction, she faces long working hours, cash flow problems, and a repeat burglar. On Valentine’s Day, she sets a trap for the mysterious intruder, intent on ending his crime streak once and for all. But her scheming cat familiar foils her best-laid plans, and, with a little help from Madame Eve’s 1-Night Stand service, she discovers a far more dangerous species of magical feline. 

After moving in next to a ramshackle building on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., pastry chef Adrien Chatdurois is plagued by repeat sexual fantasies starring the same curvy brunette. In a state of constant arousal, he devotes his early mornings to grueling exercise and spends the rest of his day handcrafting the city’s best chocolates. When his younger brother stirs up trouble on the shop’s busiest day, the frustrated shifter is forced to pay a surprise visit on his reclusive neighbor. He soon learns not all witches are wart-covered hags, and one in particular might prove the most delicious of desserts. 

Amazon | AllRomance

Stop Giveaway

$15 #Giveaway - A naughty DM gets #spanked by a Dom from her past in my @DecadentPub #BDSM #Romance

I'm ignoring a personal taboo today by posting about my new book prior to the official release date (which is in 2 daysl!!). For some reason, I've always had a mental block about pre-release promo. Until all the buy links are actually live, it feels as if there's a chance the darn thing might never come out at all. This is definitely an extreme case of author jitters, but starving artists are meant to be eccentric.

One of the reasons I'm taking this leap is because, for once, I have pre-order links. Also, due to technical, Rafflecopter-design reasons, I really need this post to exist before I send my media kit far and wide. As is custom with all my new releases, I've got a $15 Gift Card up for grabs (so don't forget to scroll all the way to the end.). There are multiple entry options to suit all types of social media preferences.

So, I probably should tell you a bit more about the book (one would think I've got this promo-thing down by now). First off, Submissive on the Run has my most risque cover to date, although Warlock's Pawn comes in at a very close second. I'm a tad worried the Amazon overseers might banish this title to the dregs of adult-only filters, but Fiona Jayde did such an awesome job I decided to take my chances. To be fair, this book is likely my kinkiest title to date (feel free to chime in if you disagree). A club-set, interracial BDSM romance, it falls pretty neatly into the "glitterkink" category (we're talking spanking, bondage, and capture games, among other activities). I hope I've made this super clear in the blurb and cover, and if that's not your cup of tea, I totally get it (you can still enter the giveaway!). If the idea intrigues you, however, please read on.  (I've got an orgasm for you in the excerpt. I'm serious.)

Submissive on the Run

A 1Night Stand Story

by Tara Quan

Obscene wealth and a toxic family taught Joss Bradlee to care about no one. He moved through life in a caustic shell, fending off gold-diggers with his sharp tongue and abrasive personality. But a stubborn submissive saw past his nonchalant act, and he fell hard and fast for a girl he didn’t deserve. When she accidentally stumbled into the line of fire, he moved heaven and earth to protect her, even if it meant letting her go. Ten months later, he ensures her safety and tracks her down, finally ready to claim the one person that matters. The only problem—she wants nothing to do with him.

On the run for close to a year, Kim Tran receives a surprise call from the man who’d put her life in danger. His family hired assassins to kill her, but he’s somehow convinced they still had a chance. With their entire relationship built on a lie, she resists the instinct to sprint straight into his arms. Faced with a social divide no sane person would bridge, she cuts her losses and breaks her own heart. But the Dominant she loves has other plans, and he’s spent his entire life getting his way. Too late to run and with nowhere to hide, she faces an adversary well versed in all her weaknesses.

At the Carnivore Club, two exhibitionists meet for a battle of wills, lured by a one-night stand service, misplaced cat, and several helping hands. With the aid of handcuffs, disciplinary measures, and a capture game, a reluctant sub rediscovers the pleasures of bondage, the thrill of display, and the ecstasy of surrender.

Genre: BDSM Romance, Erotic Romance, Interracial/Multicultural

Buy Links Amazon (US) | Amazon (Other) | ARe | B&NGoogle Play | 
iTunes | Kobo | Decadent | Smashwords  | GoodReads

Excerpt (R-Rated, Mature Audiences Only, Sexual Content Ahead, Don't Sue Me, etc.)

Thrilled and terrified, she swallowed the lump in her throat. “We could get over each other if we tried.”

Imprisoning her with his arms, he trailed his nose down the line of her neck. “How’s that working out for you? On my end, every hot chick I see has your face. One look at your reflection, and bam—instant hard on. Our breather flopped.” He dipped his head lower, scattering kisses along her collarbones. “I’m glad it’s done.”

“No.” Her vision misted with pulses of crimson. She tried to summon an iota of reluctance. Her libido refused to play ball. “We’re not doing this again.”

He bit the sensitive spot between her shoulder and neck. “You don’t have a choice. I’m calling the shots.”

His confidence curled her toes. “What we had was less than a fling.” She poured what little willpower she had into the false words.

He squeezed her breast, the proprietary caress arching her back. “You’re going to pay for that lie with a lot more than a hard spanking.”

Arousal flared, potent and irresistible. “You have no right. I’m not your sub.” When he pinched her nipples, flashes of heat threatened to melt away thought. “But there’s a whole club full of women willing to play your games.”

“I’ve already chosen mine.” She writhed when his grip tightened. In her moment of distraction, he slid his hand under her skirt. With her underwear gone, he could shove his fingers inside her without preamble.

“Joss….” It hurt. In the best way.

He looped his other arm around her. Caught in a vise, she had little recourse beyond a whimpered protest. “I don’t want this.” But she did. Enough to erase the safe word from her vocabulary.

“Dishonesty seems to be a chronic problem.” He pressed down on her clit with his thumb and screwed his digits deeper into her. Her clenching inner muscles supported his observation. So did her uncontrollable spasms as his unyielding penetration vaulted her toward a crest.

She dug her nails into his forearms, a useless defense that only reinforced her helplessness. “Stop it.”

He ignored her resistance, playing her like an instrument until sweat once more coated her skin. “Why? You’re more honest right after you come.”

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