April Fools Book Spotlight - Breaching the Lieutenant by Eva Lefoy

I was planning to write an April Fools post (well, not really), but Eva Lefoy offered to do it for me. What's an erstwhile blogger to do but accept the help with grace? Before we continue to her post, she wanted me to issue this disclaimer in utmost sincerity. For effect, please picture me trying to look grave and serious, while speaking in a low deep masculine voice.


The following excerpt contains hot sexual content, multiple expletives (including the one that starts with C and ends with K), and is from an M/M contemporary military romance. 

Has everyone who would rather not read this left the house? Good. On to Eva's post.

April Fool’s – You’re Gay! by Eva Lefoy

I have a friend who was born on April 1, aka April Fool’s Day. That’s one way to celebrate the unusual holiday. But what about if you found out you weren’t straight, but gay? Wouldn’t that be a heck of an April Fool’s Day? It happens. To more than one of my characters! Take Second Lieutenant Oates for example.

In Breaching the Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant Mark Oates is in the U.S. Army. It’s not a crime to be gay in the army these days, but you may have a hassle making a career of it all the same. Luckily, Oates has been in complete denial about his desire for cock, which sets up the whole premise – because his superior officer has noticed!

Here’s a Snippet:

“I’ve noticed that about you, Oates. That you don’t seem to care much – for girls.”

Oates bolted to standing. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“I see the way you check out guys in the shower room. You’re head over heels for cock, Oates, anybody ever tell you that?”

Oates it talking to Major Henderson, who, back in the days of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, knew a sergeant named Gunnar Evans. Gunnar was gay, out and proud, and tried to take on the Army but got dishonorably discharged instead. Now, Henderson sends Oates to Evans for a “valve adjustment.” What kind of adjustment do you think Evans gives him? Hint: there’s two. A physical one, and a mental one.

Here’s an excerpt from their first meeting:

“Stupid son of a bitch!”

Oates followed the voice, careful not to disturb the tenuous towers of clutter. He thought he recognized a drill-sergeant tone in the curse. “Sir?”

He rounded the corner. A thick pair of legs stuck out from under a Volvo. Mark shook his head sadly. Volvos were a bitch to work on, no wonder the man was crabby. “Sergeant Evans? Is that you?”

Jean-clad legs scooted out first, then a crotch, then a naked, well-defined stomach with a definite eight pack. Oates caught his breath and tried not to look any closer, besides he’d seen this a million times in the barracks. A half-dressed man was nothing new. But the wide, dark bronzed chest that appeared next made him gasp. Thick rings pierced both nipples and Mark’s crotch tightened at the sight. Jesus. That’s fucking hot. He shifted from foot to foot, trying to get a little air between his legs, but the man’s bulging biceps gave him no respite. Good lord, this man was ripped. A head popped out, a flash of silver at the temples on an otherwise perfect close-cut crop. The man fixed a stare on him, and Mark straightened his back, damn near giving a full salute despite the fact he outranked the former sergeant.

“Who wants to know?”

“Uh, Second Lieutenant Oates, sir.” He did his best to look apologetic, but his nerves were a tangled mess. The man’s muscles bunched and rippled as his made his way up from the dolly. Black smudges of grease here and there only added to the manly allure of the canvas in front of him. Damn, but his cock surged at the sight of the mechanic’s full stature. This was no man he’d ever seen before. This man’s body was perfection.

The mechanic wiped off a wrench and tossed it in the toolbox without moving his penetrating gaze. “Oates?”

“Yes, sir. Major Henderson sent me. Sir.”

One of Evans’ eyebrows rose. “He did, did he?”

“Yes, sir.  Said you could help me with a little problem I’m having.” Damn, was that a twinkle in Evans’ eyes?

“Oh? What’s that?”

Oates shifted uncomfortably. He felt silly asking this mountain of macho man in front of him for help, but if he didn’t, he’d never make Captain. Henderson would be sure to ride him on this. He ducked his head, and rubbed the rising burn on the back of his neck. “Uh, he said I needed a valve adjusted, and you were just the man to do it.”

“Oh, did he now?”

The most gorgeous, most muscled chest he’d ever seen in his life came to stand mere inches from his own. Looking closer at it, he could see the little stray grey hairs strewn across it like confetti from tanned brown nipple to tanned brown nipple. The piercings called to him, demanding he sample them with his tongue. Oh, fuck. I’m so screwed if he sees how hard I’m getting. Swallowing, he collected himself and lifted his head.

Evans rocked back on his heels and Oates fought the urge to reach out and bring that gorgeous manly chest closer again. “Well then, let’s get you started.” The smile Evans sent him as he swept his commanding gaze up and down Oates’ body held both a challenge and blatant appreciation.

The realization hit him like a punch to the gut. Evans was gay? Holy hell. Henderson had sent him here as some kind of test, and right now he was dangerously at risk of failing. Was he supposed to feign indifference to the hot former sergeant in front of him? Yeah, that was totally gonna happen. It has to. Get it in gear, Oates.  He swallowed.

“You ready?”

“Yeah.” He’d agree to anything to get this man back under a car and give his nerves a chance to settle. Right now they were going a million miles an hour, straining his control. His desire to touch the man ratcheted up a notch every second spent in his presence.

Evans motioned to the tool box. “Hand me that crescent wrench over there.”

He spun toward the tool box, thankful for a job. After plucking a crescent wrench from the pile, he pivoted to hand it to Evans only to find Evans standing right behind him, pressing his naked chest against his back, his cock into the crease of his ass. The sergeant’s stiff rod wasn’t any softer than his own. Mark’s heart skipped a beat and his throat went dry as he stifled a groan of desire.

“Thanks.” Evans snaked the wrench from Oates’ slackened grip. “Say, Oates. Have you ever had anything… up your ass?”

After Evans breaches every part of Oates’ defenses, it’s up to Oates to make some hard decisions about his sexuality and his future. This is a quick, hot little read that was fun to write and I hope it makes you think of more naughty things that could go on in a mechanic’s shop.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

~ Eva

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