Operation Owl Tour of the Capital Area - Travel Tips

Welcome to the Operation Owl Tour of the Capital Area!

I'm moving to Rome on July 21st. In addition to the uncertainty that comes with packing up all of one's wordly possessions, my dear husband threatened me with an Internet blackout period that could last anywhere between a few days and many months. (Don't worry, I'll get a divorce before the latter happens–they have 3G in Italy, sì?). While I intend to regain access to the interwebs within days of our arrival, bureaucracy be damned, I decided this would be a great opportunity to test out pre-release promotion (Operation Owl comes out on July 15).

This is a first for me, so chances are the effort will be for naught. To make it all worthwhile, I've peppered this tour with travel tips for the D.C.-Metro area. It's my personal homage to the place I consider home–one I'll likely not see again for another three years. This post will be updated with stops as the tour progresses, and the Rafflecopter giveaway below runs until July 31, 2014.

Ciao tutti. Ci si vede in Roma!

Congratulations to Fedora Chen for winning the $25 Giveaway for my Operation Owl Capital Tour. A big heartfelt thank you goes to everyone who played!