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A Kiss from Khalid

He splayed his hand over the back of her head. She parted her lips to ask him where this would lead. But before she could make a sound, his mouth closed over hers.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been kissed. Even if she did, his mastery would have turned the memory to cinder. She faced a man, not a young boy experimenting with teeth and tongue. Instead of the comfortable joining of lips between two people more friends than lovers, he drowned her in a tangle of silk and steel.

His tongue delved. She closed her fingers over his broad shoulders before trailing them down his triceps. One of his hands cradled her nape as the other spanned her back. The contact melted her muscles. With his arms snaked around her body, she felt captive even though she sat on top.

She should be in charge. She should be taking the lead. Instead, his mouth set the rhythm and pace, guiding her through the sensual dance she only now realized she had barely known.

She reminded herself this was just a kiss—a single, sumptuous, seemingly endless kiss that threatened to turn her brain to mush.

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