#NewRelease and Update - #SexytoGo, Vol 2 (including Lip Service, by Yours Truly)

I had a stealth release this weekend. By stealth, I mean I hadn't quite gotten back on the promotional horse, so this might be the first time you've heard about the story. If you read Punishing the Messenger last month, you'll be  familiar with Kailee Chan and Damien Walker. If you skipped volume 1, no biggie–I made sure Lip Service stands on its own two feet.

Sexy to Go is a project spearheaded by the fabulous Eva Lefoy, and the two short stories I've contributed officially marks my return to BDSM fiction. I've boarded a train full of talented authors, all of whom know how to bring a bit of sizzle and spice.

As for where my story falls on the sexy scale, I’ll let this sample speak for itself. Below is the adults-only un-redacted version of the teaser above (you have been warned). 

“One day, I will see every inch of you.” He pressed his mouth under her ear. His teeth scraped her flesh. “Touch every inch of you.”
The light sting turned molten as he sucked. Then he tugged her demure neckline down and marked her cleavage. “I want to hear you scream when I bury my cock balls-deep.”
She whimpered.
“I want to keep you naked so I can touch you where I want, when I want.” With a groan, he tore his hands off her and stood. “But until I’m sure you’re ready, I’ll use that pretty mouth to take the edge off.”

P.S. Since Lip Service landed at the front of the file, Amazon's 10% preview should pretty much let you read the entire thing. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

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Sexy to Go


Sizzling short stories from top-selling authors.

Sexy to Go is back with 11 new stories full of sensuous aliens, shifters, stranded commuters, dominant husbands, and naughty neighbors. Check out what’s new in Volume 2–we promise to tempt, tease, and deliver the hotness you desire!

Lip Service by Tara Quan (Me)

Forced into a marriage of convenience, Damien discovers an intense attraction to his new bride. When Kailee's past prevents their pleasure, this dominant groom must teach her the joys of submission.

TaraQuan.com | Tweet @LaylaTarar | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Google+ | Pinterest 

Neighborhood Watch by Jocelyn Dex

Happily married Astral would never cheat on her husband, but when the moving guy next door sparks her exhibitionist fantasy, will she take it too far and get herself in trouble?

Website | Twitter @JocelynDex |  Facebook  | Goodreads | Blog

Blackout by Sofia Grey

A breakdown and blackout on the late train home, could be bad news. But for Anton, stuck in a carriage with the sexy stranger of his dreams, it could be the hottest encounter he's ever had.

 SofiaGrey.com | Tweet @SofiaGreyAuthor | Facebook | GoodReads | Pinterest 

Roman’s Gold by Ann Gimpel

Devon’s been a cop for a long time, but he can’t get his latest target’s stunning body and coppery hair out of his mind. Maybe an afternoon delight will obliterate his fantasies—at least for a while.

AnnGimpel.com | Tweet @AnnGimpel | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Ann’s blog   

Lust in Bloom by Shiloh Saddler

During cotton harvest Daniel and James spend their days picking and nights in each other’s arms. They must guard against a nosy neighbor intent on taking their farm and separating the lovers forever.

Shiloh’s Website | Tweet @ShilohSaddler | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Pinterest 

Roll Against Fantasy by Allyson Lindt

A daring trip to a topless beach goes from hot to scorching for Tasha when Ryan pushes all the right buttons, both physically and through fantasy, and strips away her inhibitions.

AllysonLindt.com | Tweet @AllysonLindt | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon

One More Chance by Nerika Parke

Eleven years ago, Calum was Ella's first love, before her family moved away and they lost each other. With a chance to see him again, she is determined to finally put all thoughts of him in the past. But he proves harder to get over than she'd anticipated.

Nerika’s Website| Facebook

An Arresting Development by Leigh Ellwood

Shy, geeky Wynton's idea of a good time is a marathon role playing game. After meeting Mitch, he's tempted to put away his seven-sided dice and play something different.

Website | Tweet @LeighEllwood | Facebook | Blog | Leigh @ Amazon

First Contact by Daisy Banks

Clancy hopes to claim first contact with an alien life force. When her dream comes true she agrees development of interstellar relations needs more interaction, and after their first encounter, she can hardly get enough.

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Dreamwalker: Nightscape by Pamela Moran

Reggie and Cliff have a common goal: Keep her patient and his friend from being killed. If they can keep their hands off of each other, they might stand a chance of them all coming out of this alive.

PamelaMoran.com | Tweet @Pam_Moran | Facebook | Goodreads

Bound by the Beta by Eva Lefoy

Casi ventures to the alpine music hall once more, and meets a sexy new wolf. His kisses set her aflame, but after their lovemaking end he demands they mate. Will she run or will curiosity and her desire to see Dahlia again make her stay?

Eva’s Website | Tweet @Eva_Lefoy | Facebook |  Goodreads | Amazon

#NewRelease and Update - #SexyToGo, Vol 1 (including Punishing the Messenger by Me)

Here's a confession–I've been a bit off my game on the promo front lately. What little zeal I had to hurl information into the void that is the interwebs flatlined around mid-January, when I reached an unprecedented point of depletion. Luckily, I had a lot of pre-scheduled posts and Tweets to carry me through the unscheduled hiatus, and I'm slowly dragging myself back on the proverbial horse.

Emphasis on slowly.

In the interim, I had quite a few things happen for which I should have (electronically) done a happy dance. I released a romantic suspense at the end of December titled A Christmas Together, which puts a bow on my Safe Harbor series. Not long after, the lovely ladies at Decadent Publishing compiled three of my paranormal 1Night Stands into a single print volume. A Witch's Night Out is available through Amazon and B&N, and my complimentary copy is in transit somewhere between Chicago and Rome.

Last but not least, the first volume of Sexy to Go came out. The brain child of the very talented Eva Lefoy, this anthology includes Punishing the Messenger, a short story that might end up marking my return to BDSM fiction (depending on how my current work in progress pans out). I'm riding the coattails of a number of very talented ladies, all of whom know how to bring a bit of sizzle and spice.

As for where my story falls on the sexy scale, I’ll let this sample speak for itself.

“Under different circumstances, I’d order you to your knees and have you earn my forgiveness.”
Her breath hitched at the proposition. She couldn’t help but imagine herself at his feet, his hand clutching her hair, her fingers unbuckling his belt. The way he surveyed her sent a shiver down her spine. When their gazes met, she felt her pulse on her fingertips.
“I told you not to look at me like that.”
Fearing he’d somehow glimpsed her fantasy, she bent her head and examined the hands she’d interlaced over her lap. “How do I look at you?”
“Like a lover, daring me to take charge.”

Without further ado, here's the rest of our sales pitch. I'm crossing my fingers our brand of sexy appeals.

Sexy to Go One cover small (1).jpg

Sexy to Go

Volume 1

Sizzling short stories from top-selling authors.

Sample romance in all its flavors in Sexy to Go. From paranormal to contemporary, you’ll find your fix here. Look for a brand new collection every month.

Available Now! 
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Punishing the Messenger by Tara Quan (Me)

When her flighty cousin bails hours before the wedding, Kailee Chan is forced to deliver the news. The dominant groom punishes her instead, and her submission leads to a far more serious commitment.

Website | Tweet @LaylaTarar | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Google+ | Pinterest

Trio Concerto by Eva Lefoy

Casi suffers a scheduling mishap, but finds impromptu sex in the forest fulfills more than one personal fantasy. When the sexy shifters vanish, she’s left with an invitation to return. Does she dare?

Website | Tweet @Eva_Lefoy | Facebook |  Goodreads | Amazon

To Love Again by Allie Ritch

Kara is a reincarnated sorceress who has cheated death to return to her vampire lover again and again. She always comes back to Griffin. And she always leaves him, too. Now the anniversary of her first death has arrived, and she’s fated to die. Will she finally let Griffin turn her so they can be together forever? Or will she love him again in the next life?

Website | Tweet @AllieRitch | Amazon

Faking It by Sofia Grey

Lucy can’t believe her luck. Upgrade to 1st class flight and a hot hunk in the next seat. He’d never be interested in a geek, so maybe it’s time to reinvent herself? Faking it has never been such fun.

Website | Tweet @SofiaGreyAuthor | Facebook | GoodReads | Pinterest

Assistant Seduction by Jocelyn Dex

When the temp agency sends Kyla a hunky male assistant, who looks as if he stepped out of one of her erotic stories, will she get more than she bargained for?

Website | Twitter @JocelynDexFacebook  | Goodreads | Blog

Unconventional Spark by Allyson Lindt

If Jade can’t learn to balance business and pleasure, she’ll lose the best thing that’s ever happened to her—the unconventional spark she shares with her boyfriend, Brandon

Website | Tweet @AllysonLindt | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon

Dancing in the Flame by Ann Gimpel

Keira’s an indentured hooker. Mired in the hopelessness of her dreams, she longs for more and finds it in Barrett. He’s not what he seems, but neither is she—except she doesn’t know it yet.

Website | Tweet @AnnGimpel | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Ann’s blog

Skin by Leigh Ellwood

Skin - One needs a tough skin to endure an unpleasant situation. When Lt. Andromeda Kurn is sentenced for damaging property during a shore leave, the skin suit she must wear enhances the pleasure of her punishment.

Website | Tweet @LeighEllwood | Facebook | Blog | Leigh @ Amazon

Meant to Be by Nerika Parke

A rock concert, a chance meeting with a sexy musician and a night on the beach turn Jessica’s unremarkable life upside down when she takes a weekend away for her birthday.

Nerika’s Website| Facebook

Dreamwalker: Key to Paradise by Pamela Moran

Pulled together through a world of dreams, Lena and Davis might have found the Key to Paradise. Can he convince her to take a chance, to believe in impossible possibilities, to hold on to their dream?

PamelaMoran.com | Tweet @Pam_Moran | Facebook | Goodreads

For His Pleasure by Shiloh Saddler

A black slave and white plantation owner’s son narrowly avoid being separated when the estate is sold. Forced into poverty they must work hard to survive. But through the hardship their love endures.

Website | Tweet @ShilohSaddler | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Pinterest

Author Interview - Haley Whitehall (Valentine's Day Edition)

LVS Cover.jpg

 Haley is back for another round of grilling.  If you don’t remember, she was here a little over a month ago to chat about her book, Midnight Heat. Being a prolific writer, she has another new release to talk about today. This one is part of the anthology, Love, Valentine Style, and it’s titled Civil War Valentine.

1. Before we chat about your book, let’s start with some personal stuff. What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?

Oh boy… I can’t think of any favorite memories… still waiting to get a box of chocolate and a bouquet of roses from Mr. Right. The first Valentine’s Day memory that comes to mind was baking a heart shape cake when I was a child. It was a chocolate cake with white frosting and chocolate chips on top. I was so proud to show off my cake, but before I could my dog found it and decided he needed the cake for himself!

2.  How did you come to be involved in this anthology? Did you know the other contributing authors beforehand?

I found out about the call for this anthology through a romance authors Yahoo group. I did not know any of these authors beforehand, but through the process of publishing Love, Valentine Style they have all become good friends.

3.  Onward to your story. I probably wouldn’t survive a day in the Civil War era, come to think of it. Does your heroine have a background that would make her more knowledgeable about life back then?

My heroine Charlie Bristol is well-educated. She works as a museum curator and has a Ph.D. in history. I’m sure she learned about the Civil War in the course of her studies and knows more of what to expect when she is thrown back in time.

4.  Aside from being the author of these Civil War valentines, what does Elliot do? When Charlie has her time-traveling dream, does she appear at his house or someplace else?

Charlie appears at her house so to speak. Elliot visits her while he is on leave thinking she is his beloved fiancée.

5. Let’s end on a more technical note. Are there any particular challenges unique to writing time travel romance as opposed to historical fiction?

Yes, I had to explain the time travel element. And I had to know how time travel affected both my hero and heroine. For instance, she travels back in time wearing modern clothes. Obviously that will pose a problem.

I’d like to thank Haley again for dropping by. For more information on this anthology, keep scrolling down. Comments are most welcome.


Love, Valentine Style (Civil War Valentine by Haley Whitehall)

Recently divorced museum curator Charlie Bristol comes to Seattle to set up a display at the Fine Art museum chronicling the history of Valentine’s Day. The director of the museum surprises her with a package of Civil War valentines from an anonymous donor. She reads the heartfelt messages and is touched by his words. Does such powerful love still exist?

During a nap she dreams she’s alive during the Civil War and meets Elliot Lowery, the author of the valentines who mistakes her for his fiancée Charlotte. She and Elliot negotiate the murky waters of wartime romance. When she wakes she’s still under the dream's spell and Valentine’s Day love is in the air, but Charlotte has no reason to celebrate. The man she loves died 150 years ago. Unless love works some miracle even time and death cannot overcome.

Available exclusively from AmazonAmazon.com | Amazon.uk


About Haley Whitehall

Haley Whitehall lives in Washington State where she enjoys all four seasons and the surrounding wildlife. She writes historicals set in the 19th century U.S. When she is not researching or writing, she plays with her cats, watches the Western and History Channels, and goes antiquing. She is hoping to build a time machine so she can go in search of her prince charming. A good book, a cup of coffee, and a view of the mountains make her happy. 

Haley loves to connect with readers. You can find her here:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/HaleyWhitehall
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LightonHistory
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5752677.Haley_Whitehall
Blog: http://haleywhitehall.com/blog/
Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Haley-Whitehall/e/B0078EO6CE