Romance My Way Blog Hop - My Favorite Trope and Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Romance My Way Blog Hop. To get back to the main hop page, click the banner on the left. The stop right after mine is author TD Hassett.

Giveaway: In addition to the main hop prize, I will be giving away a copy of my novella, Tower in the Woods (the prequel to the book I'm about to discuss) to a random commenter who answers the question: Who saves Red from zombies? (I need the first and last name.)

Ready? In honor of my pictured new release, Catching Red, I will be talking about the Damsel (or Knight) in Distress trope.


In general, my heroines are pretty kick-ass. My version of Rapunzel is a sniper, and my Little Red Riding Hood is a knife-wielding zombie exterminator. For the most part, my ladies do a phenomenal job keeping the monsters at bay. But upon occasion, I toss them into situations (a building full of zombies, for example) where they could benefit from a helping hand.

It's not that I'd advise any damsel to sit around and wait for her knight in shining armor. For one, life would get boring real quick.  But saving a gal's life is one way a to make a great first impression. To prove my point, this is how Marcus Woodsman and "Red" Ryding first meet.

The tall, broad-chested man hacked through the creatures like an angel of death. Wielding a modified woodcutter’s ax, he removed heads with the apparent ease of cutting grass. Lethal and silent, her savior made his way through the swarm. He moved so fast her blurring eyes struggled to capture his progress.

She heard sounds of parting flesh and breaking bones—thuds as bodies and heads fell to the ground. The ax’s crescent blade appeared as silver arcs against the black and gray tableau. The only other source of color was the man’s golden hair. For a moment, she was certain he was a delusion spawned from blood loss and terror.

A large hand closed over the scruff of her neck and yanked. Jerked to her feet, she gazed into eyes of brightest blue. Knowing she wasn’t fighting alone gave her failing body a second wind. Turning so their backs met, her knives and his ax slashed out in tandem. Before long, the undead around them became a mound of body parts on the dusty white floor.

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Feb 14-20th, 2014