Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday No. 14 (#sffsat) - Warlock's Pawn

This snippet is from Warlock's Pawn and continues from the last one (click on the SFFSat tag at the bottom of the post to read past snippets). Warlock's Pawn is a fantasy romance inspired by The Arabian Nights. It was released last month and is available on  LSBooksAmazonBarnes & NobleARe, and Kobo. Sorry I didn't participate last week (I was on vacation)! Just to recap--Alia had just flown off a cliff to save the Warlock her sister, Anora, attempted to kill. In the last snippet, Duncan had to decide if he would trust her to save him or not.

He accepted her white magic into his inner core and felt it strengthen the few threads of light that held him to this world. The princess’ poison was lethal, her torture agonizing, and what the two did not finish, the fall down the ravine should have done. Yet he grew more alive with each second, his very life force feeding off another’s, the act forging an intimate bond he would rather reject.

Sensing safety behind the layered mind, he drew in what he needed to reach full strength, taking rather than waiting to receive her gift. The moment he did, their bodies plummeted at breakneck speed into the abyss.

“You have the gift of flight,” he observed with well-hidden amazement as they continued to fall. He only now realized he was still rocketing down the gorge, his progress hindered by this fey’s invisible wings.

Twitter: #sffsat
Twitter: #sffsat

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