Child of the Devil - aka Nulli and the Leprechaun 3 (Absolute Write Blog Chain - August 2013)

This post is part of the August 2013 Blog Chain at Absolute Write. This month, the prompt is "Child of the Devil." This flash fiction is also the third installment of what I have now decided will be the Nulli and the Leprechaun web series. While it's self-contained, links to Part 1 and 2 are below.

#1 What the Leprechaun Said (AWBC March 2013) 
#2 Wrong Place, Right Time (AWBC May 2013)

Just as Shawn the leprechaun was about to fasten fluffy handcuffs on her wrist, the pink dungeon was illuminated by a flash of red light.

"Get your grubby little paws off my fiancé." The tall man who materialized had black hair and eyes. He also had little red horns protruding out of his head.

Nulli's eyes narrowed. "Err...I'm pretty sure we've never met."

The creature flashed her a panty-melting smile. "Bonjour mademoiselle. Je m'appelle  Luc. Je suis--"

"Cut the crap you son of the devil," Shawn snapped. "You don't even like the French."

Luc rolled his eyes. "Au contraire, cousin. They are some of my best customers."

"And you two are freaking me out." She turned to the supernatural creature she was already acquainted with. "What is that thing?"

The new arrival placed his hand over his heart. "I'm wounded, cherie. That is no way to refer to the man you are about to wed."

Turning to face the too handsome lunatic, she placed her hands on her hips. "Then it's a good thing I don't know you from Adam."

Luc shook his dark head. "Adam was an idiot. Dad orchestrated his fall from grace using an apple--an apple! Talk about a cheap date."

She took a calming breath and turned to the redheaded leprechaun. "I guess this would make him..."

"The devil's spawn." Shawn's expression was annoyed rather than concerned. "He loves to play pranks."

She lifted an eyebrow. "I thought practical jokes were a leprechaun thing."

Shawn rolled his bright green eyes and pointed at Luc. "Who do you think started the rumor?"

Luc's face was the picture of affront. "Moi? I've been getting this guy out of trouble since he was born." He rubbed one of his horns. "These even turned gray at one point because of worry."

Shawn bent down and whispered into her ear. "I used peroxide. Was surprised it worked m'self."

She sighed. "Just so there's no confusion--both of you are claiming to be the future love of my life."

They uttered their answers in unison. "Oui." "Yes."

This was getting too crazy. "In that case, please take me home. I have a long day at work tomorrow, and I can't deal with this drama right now."

Luc's smile was saccharine sweet. "Non. Je suis désolée, mais ça n'est pas possible. Your past life is over. You are ours now."

Shawn cleared his throat. "Oii. Stop messing around. She's mine. Your daddy dearest said so."

Luc's black eyes danced. "When has my father's opinion ever affected my actions?"

Shawn snorted. "Every damn day? I've never seen anyone's who's more of a Papa's boy."

Nulli tapped her foot. "As interesting as your family dynamics are--it's irrelevant. I'm my own person. Right now, I'm not interested in either of you."

"But you haven't tried me." Luc's voice was laced with temptation. "This leprechaun's a good kisser, but I'm even better."

Shawn crossed his arms. "That's complete bull. Even if he is, it's because he has a couple thousand years on me."

She shook her head. "I don't think kissing is one of those practice makes perfect skills."

Luc licked his lips. "Oh but it is. Besides, don't you want to know how it feels like to have this," he stuck out his forked tongue, "inside you."

Her nose scrunched up. "Not in the slightest."

When Luc strode forward, she took a step back and hid behind Shawn. Grinning, the leprechaun's chest puffed up. "See, she's made her choice. Now scat."

She decided this wouldn't be the best time to tell her protector she was still in the decision-making phase.

Luc's voice was laced with temptation. "Dear cousin, we've shared other women before. It's a lot more fun when there's three."

When Shawn didn't respond, Nulli leaned forward so she could see his face. He was staring straight ahead, and his expression had turned blank. When she looked at Luc, she saw his eyes glow red.

"Hold her still." The booming voice was a command. Shawn's arm looped around her waist a second later. Before she realized what was happening, her back was plastered against the leprechaun's body.

Luc floated forward. Their gazes locked. "You want to kiss me."

She struggled. "No. I absolutely do not. Shawn, snap out of it."

The devil's child appeared surprised. He repeated his sentence louder this time. His eyes shone even brighter. "You want to kisssss meeeee."

She glared at him. "What part of no don't you get? Mimicking a snake is also the opposite of sexy. Leave me alone."

Luc's eye's reverted back to its original color. "This is an interesting development. You are immune to mental suggestion." His gaze flitted to the leprechaun holding her in place. "It's seems you are his intended mate after all."

With Shawn's arms manacled around her, she couldn't move. "Does that mean you'll let us go?"

Luc patted her face. "Of course. I was just having some fun. The real reason I'm here is because your tryst with my cousin is progressing far too slowly. I was sent here to speed things up."

A shiver rolled down her spine. "I don't understand."

"It's simple." Luc snapped his fingers. Shawn's arms loosened.

"Stay out  of this," Shawn's growled. "I've got everything under control."

Luc ignored him. "It seems my cousin has a soft spot for you. He's being very patient with your maidenly fears."

"We first met less than fifteen minutes ago," Nulli protested.

"And you should have been flat on your back in under one. I'll leave the two of you alone now--but with one little parting gift." With another flash of red light, Luc disappeared.

Nulli turned to face the leprechaun. "Do I even want to know what he meant?"

So where is this heading? I have no idea--it'll depend entirely on next month's prompt. Stay tuned!

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