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Frosty Relations, in 71 Seconds

My book birthday was last Friday, so saying I'm guest-blogged out would be an understatement. Luckily, I've been practicing my drawing skills, and my husband knows his way around iMovie. Thus this book trailer was born. Give it a look, and you'll have all the information you need to enter my giveaway. 

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About Mina Mao, a #Christmas #WebComic about my @DecadentPub #PNR #1NightStand - Frosty Relations

For the A Witch's Night Out series, I'm letting my feline heroines speak for themselves. Doing so in the form of a comic strip makes it a little easier to explain the cost of iDraw and Pixelmator to my better half. For someone who barely survived art class, it's kind of a crazy idea, but thus far I've had loads of fun.

Frosty Relations by Tara Quan - A Paranormal Romantic Comedy from Decadent Publishing  Buy Links  :   Amazon     |   ARe   |     B&N     |     Decadent  |  iTunes   |   Kobo  Add it to    GoodReads !

Frosty Relations by Tara Quan - A Paranormal Romantic Comedy from Decadent Publishing
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Do you prefer video? I bribed my resident iMovie expert to cobble this together. 

I'd love any feedback and graphic design tips! This is my third attempt at sort-of creating original artwork (the other two were book trailers for Flirting with Fire and Operation Owl).

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#BeyondFairyTales #Giveaway Hop - A Hacker & A #GeekGirl, in 68 seconds - @DecadentPub #Romance

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A Hacker & A Geek-Girl, in 68 seconds

Back when Operation Owl came out, I did a virtual book tour, which means I've exhausted every guest blog topic imaginable. What's an author to do but find a different creative outlet? Here's my video-game-inspired sales pitch–the product of my meager drawing skills and my real life wizard's perusal of iMovie's help files. 

I can't give away how the kiss ends, but I can share more details about the onscreen locking of lips (where you will find my stop's answer to the Scavenger Hunt).

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Operation Owl by Tara Quan


Veronica had done them all a favor and broken up with Zack a few days before his graduation. Maya hadn’t been terribly surprised to see her friend in better spirits after the end of his five-year-long, soap-operatic relationship than he’d ever been before. The man had practically celebrated getting dumped, which everyone besides her had found odd. Such life events were typically commemorated in their social circle with a thirty-eight- hour World of Warcraft induced stupor, or at the very least a Star Trek marathon. Zack hadn’t even had the decency to innovate a new social media platform as a way to prove to his ex the depth of her mistake.

Instead, he’d hosted a LAN party in his dorm room, bought everyone free beer, and gotten drunk enough she’d beaten him at Guitar Hero. In her infinite lack of wisdom, she’d interpreted every minutiae of his behavior that night—the fact that he asked her to stay after the rest of the crew had left, the way he tucked her hair behind her ear several times over the course of three hours, and the fact that his lips grazed her cheek as he pulled her down on the mattress beside him—to mean that he wanted something more.

So she kissed him.

And at the time, she’d thought he kissed her back. His tongue had been inside her mouth, his hands had slid under her sweatshirt, and he’d damn well used his knee to part her thighs. Just when she’d thought all her dreams were on the verge of coming true, he’d bolted up as if tasered and stormed out of his own dorm room.

The next day, he’d boarded the first plane out of Logan Airport for San Francisco. She hadn’t heard a word from him since.

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